Applying for OpenWrt wiki account

If you want to contribute to OpenWrt by adding useful information to the wiki, you can apply here for a wiki account.

New OpenWrt forum user (TL0)

Post here, mentioning @wiki-account, stating that you want to get a wiki account.
Since new users can not send PMs, someone from the OpenWrt team will contact you and initiate the conversation.

All other OpenWrt forum users (Basic, Member, Regular; TL1 and above)

Please send your desired username, real name and emailaddress via PM to wiki-account, and an account will be created for you.

New to the wiki, don't know how to edit?

Creating new devicepages and dataentries


Hello @wiki-account, there are things that sometimes may need minor corrections, and I'd like to be able to help do that.



I already have an account (since before self-registration was disabled) under the same name as here, and I have contributed a bit in the past, however I do not have image uploading rights.

Can I please have image uploading rights? I wish to contribute higher resolution (that are also clearer) pictures of the VTech IAD505's mainboard.

Please see

(post deleted by author)