Adding Device Information -> Linksys MR7350, Aruba AP105, etc

I have a Linksys MR7350 that is no longer in active use. This website has been helpful in flashing Openwrt to a number of devices I have access to (Aruba ap105 for example). I would like to contribute to the Linksys MR7350 page. I would be happy to provide any physical photos of the device (exterior, board, console pin locations, etc.), along with some additional info (I.e. baud 115200 using a ft323r is effective, it has Openwrt firmware from the factory, uboot screenshots, etc.) .

I’d also like to contribute to the Aruba AP105 page. I wrote an automated shell script of the process and didn’t find it necessary to depress the reset button for it to pull down the Openwrt firmware from my tftp server.

In addition to the above, I have access to a large number of random enterprise grade (deprecated) wireless APs and networking equipment to play with. It all gets recycled eventually anyways, so nobody cares if I mess around with them. Most of the equipment does not have Openwrt support from what I could find. I would be happy to get the ball rolling on any of them, especially some of the crazy looking old ruckus APs.

Look here for getting a wiki account:

…not really, not at all. It's a typical vendor firmware, loosely based on Qualcomm's semi-proprietary QSDK for ipq60xx, which in turn is loosely based on LEDE 17.01, if it weren't for the semi-proprietary kernel 4.4.60 and many other changes at multiple levels - the result has very little in common with OpenWrt, even less with contemporary OpenWrt.


Sad, good to know. Thanks dude.

Hi @not_the_best I've got 2 MR7350 that I have flashed to openwrt and openwrt-lean and is based from various repo/branch builds from different people.

I know mrnuke and robimarko and semi-actively doing some development related to IPQ60xx, IPQ80xx, and IPQ40xx, and others like ansuel and bitthief (including mrnuke and robimarko) actively engaged in development of IPQ80xx and IPQ40xx (sorry their names are based on their github account) which is somehow also related to IPQ60xx development (IPQ807x more specifically).

First build that I tested was based on a OpenWRT-Lean (LEDE) which is now semi-dead in development and is based on a very old kernel (4.4.x) but it does work, adjusted to use main openwrt packages based on 21.02.x for the package feeds plus some package update for dnsmasq and openssl. Here is the repo:

Another build which kinda active is from mrnuke:
And another build from an associate which was based from various repos and his own changes for IPQ60xx (specifically trying to make MR7350 to work). Below is the screenshot of the build.

Only caveat (for me) on those 2 other builds (compared to the LEDE build) is that the MAC address of the ports and wifi are randomly generated and wifi crashes when changing settings but after a reboot the changes on the wifi settings work. Those issues are related to the board file info is a more generic and is not 100% exactly for MR7350.

If you can reach out to those mentioned github peeps you might be able to help in the development.

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