Can I create a wiki account [solved]

I followed the instructions here
but i didnt get a reply, are these instructions still valid ?
I want to create an account to update the unifi 6 lite setup wiki page to make it more clear with steps and some tricks that i had to search for online

@bobafetthotmail Ping?

Absent for quite a while:

Last Post    Apr 22, '22     Seen    Oct 23, '22

Likewise for @tmomas:

Last Post    May 30           Seen    May 11
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okay thank you
i will wait then

I recommend you refer to this section:

I can not see your inquiry on that thread. As also mentioned, you may also want to try IRC if you don't get a reply within a few days.

Request on that thread are auto-deleted after seven days, so if the OP posted more than a week ago, you will not see their request (if you look closely, you'll see that the most recent post is #423 on the thread, yet only three posts are visible).

If you are referring to the bit about Apply here or PM @wiki-account, that's where things are failing because the two members mentioned above have not been around to service the requests.

(@psherman: do you know if anyone is monitoring that thread in their absence?)

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@fekry11 You could try on the #openwrt channel on OFTC.

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i tried messaging @wiki-account but no success
will check now on irc thanks for the tip


The process to get an OpenWrt wiki account does not work. At least for me. Even while following the process. You wait and no decision is made, no answer after asking for a reply waiting for two months.

Maybe a limited number of people working on a pure manual process and too many people asking to get an account.

I think the whole process to get a wiki account should be improved and require less manual work.

Hi All -

The moderator who has historically handled this aspect is currently absent. We are working to figure out how transition those responsibilities to others (and also to ensure we have multiple people who can help to reduce individual burden and to ensure that any individual who is absent doesn't grind the process to a halt). I don't actually know how the wiki administration works, so I can't be of direct assistance, but I can bring this up with the other admins.

@fekry11 - did you get wiki account access yet, or is this still pending?


What would be a big step towards decentralization if:

  • existing wiki editors also had the right to invite new users and to report potential abusive edits and abusive users
  • abuse reports could be handled with priority by channeling in for a group of moderators
  • A fixed set of volunteers would be responsible to review wiki edits at a basic level to asses whether they are abusive or not. This could be done by channeling in the wiki edit RSS to a group where whoever had already checked a given entry would hide it (and undo its notification) from others. Similar QA tools already exist for OpenStreetMap.

yes got it thanks, I got on irc general channel and asked for an account and Paul sent me a link


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