HPE Aruba 505 (AP22) support questions

I'd love to start working on AP22 openwrt support (it has an equivalent hardware to the HPE Aruba 505). Should I get in touch with the original people that got the other Aruba models to work, and if yes, how?

(EDIT: please ignore this paragraph, thank you. Will add this mapping table from reddit to the Aruba page at some point.)

The HPE Aruba 505/AP22 will probably use a similar bootloader (I don't know if it's DRM'ed though);
I'll try to work through the add new device guide and see how that works out.


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In hindsight, this forum entry belongs to https://forum.openwrt.org/c/devel/8 - please move, if possible. Thanks!

I opened the case (505), but it has a broadcom chip, so I don't think it should be possible