Update NAT64 jool instructions

For the latest version, OpenWRT 22.03, it didn't list the iptables version of jool packages, but only netfilter ones. (i.e. opkg find '*jool*'. This means different packages need to be used. The netfilter ones were easy to set up (can be done entirely from LuCI).

So, the documentation page needs to be updated:

The existing documentation could probably be kept for v21 (I'm not sure).

Anyway, what I did / suggested update is below (if someone wants to update the Wiki; otherwise I can try and get an account to do it):


For latest version, OpenWRT 22.03.

From LuCI web console:

  1. System > Software: Install jool-tools-netfilter (this will install kmod-jool-netfilter and other dependencies).
  2. System > Startup > Local Startup: Add the following to /etc/rc.local:
jool instance add --pool6 64:ff9b::/96
  1. System > Reboot > Perform reboot
  2. Confirm working NAT64 from a device inside your LAN ping 64:ff9b::

Command line:

# Install packages
opkg update
opkg install kmod-jool-netfilter jool-tools-netfilter
# Add the following line to /etc/rc.local (before the exit 0)
jool instance add --pool6 64:ff9b::/96
# Confirm working NAT64 from a device inside your LAN
ping 64:ff9b::


please do https://forum.openwrt.org/t/applying-for-openwrt-wiki-account/

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