Uploading with curl

The post in the link provided doesn't use any quotes at all

@d687r02j8g i also tried without the quotes, but I will try again to make sure.

@d687r02j8g I just tried without any quotes and got this:

curl: (26) Failed to open/read local data from file/application

Am I lost here folks?

The OP's router is running a HTTP-based file server or something?

This won't work.

curl isn't mentioned in the Wiki. Are you following the installation instructions for your device? - https://openwrt.org/toh/d-link/dcs-930l#installation

  • Fire up a web browser and connect to
  • Upload your new firmware in the emergency web interface

(The instructions also explain how to activate this Emergency Web Interface.)

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@account4538 @lleachii
if the web broswer worked, trust me, i won't be wasting your time. the wiki isn't the guide i'm following. here's the guide again, from the wiki:

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It would really be nice to know that post...or why the web GUI interface doesn't work.

This is the forum. I was actually thinking the information needs to go into the Wiki (a.k.a. openwrt.org), if it works. For that, see: Applying for OpenWrt wiki account

@lleachii no one seems to know whey the GUI interface won't work. and that's why @honken had used curl. and all I need now is for someone to troubleshoot with me that curl error message:

curl: (26) Failed to open/read local data from file/application

@honken - any ideas?

Since it's an OpenWrt forum, I was under impression that OpenWrt is on the receiving end, hence my comment. Good luck with your endeavour.

OP is trying to install OpenWrt. The title and information doesn't make that clear.

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Yeah, I figured that from @psherman's comments to OP's posts. :wink:
Hence, my comment. :wink:

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Can you do

ls -l /Downloads/DCS-932L/openwrt/openwrt-18.06.8-ramips-rt305x-dcs-930-squashfs-factory.bin
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@d687r02j8g , thanks a lot. here's the output of pwd and the command you asked about:

au@au-MacBook-Pro openwrt % pwd
au@au-MacBook-Pro openwrt % ls -l
total 9664
-rw-r--r--@ 1 autumn  staff  4194304 Jan 23 00:00 openwrt-18.06.8-ramips-rt305x-dcs-930-squashfs-factory.bin
au@au-MacBook-Pro openwrt % 

Try adding ~ as the file is in your home directory

curl -F "firmware=@~/Downloads/DCS-932L/openwrt/openwrt-18.06.8-ramips-rt305x-dcs-930-squashfs-factory.bin"

or explicitly add the path

curl -F "firmware=@/Users/au/Downloads/DCS-932L/openwrt/openwrt-18.06.8-ramips-rt305x-dcs-930-squashfs-factory.bin"

or relative, assuming you are running from /Users/au/Downloads/DCS-932L/openwrt as your current directory

curl -F "firmware=@openwrt-18.06.8-ramips-rt305x-dcs-930-squashfs-factory.bin"
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@d687r02j8g ., I tried the last one first and got:

au@au-MacBook-Pro openwrt % curl -F "firmware=@openwrt-18.06.8-ramips-rt305x-dcs-930-squashfs-factory.bin"
curl: (7) Couldn't connect to server
au@au-MacBook-Pro openwrt % curl -F "firmware=@openwrt-18.06.8-ramips-rt305x-dcs-930-squashfs-factory.bin"
var count = 90;
function init() { countdown(); }
function countdown()
	document.getElementById('WaitInfo').value = count;
	if (count >= 1) setTimeout('countdown()',1000);
	else top.location.href="";
</script></head><body onload='init()'><center><h1>IMAGE UPLOADED SUCCESSFULLY</h1><p>4194304 bytes uploaded.</p><p>The WEB server is shuting down and the firmware updating will start immediately. Please <font color=red><strong>DO NOT POWER OFF</strong></font> the device. And please wait for <input type='Text' readonly id='WaitInfo' value='90' size='3' style='border-width:0; color:#FF3030; text-align:center'> seconds...</p></center></body></html>%                                                               au@au-MacBook-Pro openwrt % 

camera condition: red light is one. I will let it sit for a few minutes more and unplug power to it? Your thoughts?

Do not unplug it as per the output, the firmware uploaded successfully and is being flashed.

You will get a DHCP address once openwrt has booted. Try connecting to to get to the Luci interface.

the light is still red. i haven't unplugged it since i last wrote. and my ip is still set as suggested in the thread i mentioned earlier: like, so:
Should I change to DHCP? I doubt that will make a difference because the camera is still red, that means the light is red, the light that's normally green when it's functioning. Ideas?

Yes. If the device properly upgraded, it will havea DHCP server running on the lan and will issue an IP in the subnet... your current static IP configuration will not be able to reach the device.

The LEDs are controlled by software... in this case, it is possible that the behavior with OpenWrt is different than the original firmware. Therefore, the LED may not be an accurate indicator of the current status.

I just did, leaving the camera as-is, and I don't get an address.

Good point, but is it time i unplug and re-plug power to the device?