Update new account documentation


The process to apply for new wiki accounts as it is documented at the moment (Applying for OpenWrt wiki account) does not seem to work. The recommended way for existing users (TL>0) is to mention @wiki-account , but that is a group of two people that both did not login for months. Consequently. there is no reply.

I read that there are thoughts about restructuring this process in the future at OpenWRT (see the closed topic Can I create a wiki account [solved] - #8 by fekry11) and that apparently IRC is still an option to get an account. Could please the documentation be updated to reflect the current state of affairs? This otherwise might otherwise put off new people that read and follow existing, but not-working documentation.


Someone on IRC creted the account, correct?

It seems simple enough that person be added to the @wiki-account group too. Then they would've received the message too.

Good idea, it's about time.

I just spoke with PaulFertser and then asked jow to update the instructions, here you go :slight_smile:

It's the best we can do at the moment. Sorry, for everyone waiting for a wiki account.

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