Questions on wiki - or issues

Is it possible to ask questions on wiki pages, e.g. I would like to understand the hint on "make download" on this one (quick build) better.

Or: would it be possible to track the wiki pages on github? One could then ask questions as issue and propose changes as pull request..

The wiki is not a discussion forum, it's supposed to be documentation - if a necessary topic of an wiki article cannot be answered at the time it is written, a temporary placeholder may be used, but it's still no way to ask questions to the author.

This forum here is meant to facilitate discussion, to answer questions and to provide user 'support'.

That would be yet another place for discussions, on top of the already existing forum. I don't think it's a good idea to fragment discussion into multiple places.

ok - then what is the best way once I've found out more about 'make download' to get this fed into the wiki, so that not anybody else might ask it again?

Get a wiki account, add what you have found to the wiki.

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