The horrendous and lazy written Slate firmware upgrade page

I am writing this to get help rewriting the horrible wiki page that wasted days of my time. I cannot be the only one.

As per my previous post: Gl-ar750s, bricked, wiki confusing, which file?

I bricked my device simply following the instructions in this page:

I just wanted to remove the China OEM image which phones home to a china server, and upgrage to stock openwrt.

I can't be the only who wants to do this as soon as they get this hardware.

So first after some research I tried to flash this file from luci:

glinet_gl-ar750s-nor-nand-initramfs-kernel.bin 92a8962febb50621ee64f243fe1cb8697d73a9bd0ed2e32e4405a5b3f82300ed


I chose this file because this thread said initramds is for upgrading FROM OEM (Gl-inet?) to OpenWRT: Wich one should I use?(initramfs-kernel vs squashfs-sysupgrade)

This resulted in a brick. I couldn't reach uboot, because this part about activating uboot and accessing the utility is very vague "Change your IP to", it was only after seeing this unnoticeable part of the page which says the following:

uboot Network Access

See – Current (v3) firmware

But doesn't explain what you will see at this page, until I was surprised to see a picture showing me that I need to change my IP manually in network configuation manager and a suggested subnet.

So this needs to be rewritten and why not just add the damn IP and subnet to the page rather than forcing the using to dig this info at another website?

So I finally got into uboot, and flashed the original file I tried previously that bricked the device. Then I receive another error "System running in recovery (initramfs) mode."

Searching the forum I find this post Installing on GL-AR300M - #2 by Dickincorp which suggests: " * At this point I used the 22.0.3-SYSUPGRADE-image to install the firmware using the normal System->Flash firmware way.

  • after another reboot everything seems to be up and running."

This worked.

So my question is what is the exact process including which file names should I be using without jumping through these hoops to only first brick my device and then... This whole thing was quite dumb.

Please just tell me the correct process, then tell me how to edit the document, and I'll fix the damn wiki page so hopefully nobody else has to deal with this retardation.

6 days wasted. Not only annoying but very unnecessary.

EDIT the only thing I can garner why it's confusing is because there is actually two devices, can anybody clarify that 750s is just creta and EXT is slate? And if this is true, then it means that maybe there are two different files required? In this case doesn't that mean these are actually two different devices and different hardware reguardless of gl-inet marketing? So we should have TWO PAGES, not one that wastes users time.

Perhaps you should add this information to the Wiki.


The AR750s is Slate and is a NAND/NOR dual flash device (and has been discontinued for a while).
The AR750 is Creta. It is still current and is a 2GHz/5GHz version of the AR300M-16/Shadow.

They are entirely different devices. I do not understand your confusion, It took me 30 seconds to look them up.......


Well, that explains how the OP coulda bricked it.

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