Add paragraph to install full wpad on Dawn setting up page


I've add one line to the "setting up Dawn" page in install full wpad because that is required and not default for many installs(including my clean 21.x install . ). Can someone include the correct steps to migrate to full wpad because i run in some troubles when installing it.



If nobody else does it for you, do it yourself:

@tmomas I'm trying to help but run in to some problems my self.. I don't have a test environment so only when others are sleeping i can work on it.

Extrapolating from the dnsmasq-full install instructions, the following should hopefully work for 21.02:

opkg update; cd /tmp/ && opkg download wpad-wolfssl; 
opkg remove wpad-mini; opkg install wpad-wolfssl --cache /tmp/; rm -f /tmp/wpad-wolfssl*.ipk;

There is no wpad-full package.

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Right, updated the post above.

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