Tp-Link Archer C6 V2 Revert to Stock Firmware [Guide]

Please don't skip any step if you want to recover your bricked Archer C6 router.

What's working
power Led is on, router acting as simple switch and nothing working

What's i do now

  1. Install solarwind tftp server : FREE TFTP Server and SFTP/SCP Server | SolarWinds

  2. Download stock firmware : TP-Link Archer C6 V2 - Revert to Stock firmware from OpenWRT - Home Network Community

  3. Get a 10/100mbps switch, router(lan 1) port --~-- switch port and switch port --~-- laptop port

  4. Assign static ip on laptop:
    ip :
    subnet :
    leave other blanks

  5. Rename stock firmware to ArcherC6v2_tp_recovery.bin and paste into C:\TFTP-Root folder

  6. Connect power cable to router (don't switch on)

  7. Disable all firewall by win+r and write ncpa.cpl cmd.

  8. Start tftp server, now press reset button and power on until lock(wps) LED glow ups

  9. Wait ~120s, Voila you get your stock firmware back

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Hi guys, my tpl is (semi) bricked, as when I connect it to PC, Windows recognise something that is not giving an IP and, presssing reset button at start glow the lock (wps) LED.

What this exacly mean? Did I have to get physically? Maybe is there any other trick to slow this communication down?

Don't try this with gigabit switch, and use lan-1 port of router

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For Archer C6(US)V2

2 Download the earliest firmware from
5 Unzip it and rename the bin file


Other steps are the same.
Also If no switch is working I was able configure my laptop Ethernet speed to 100mbps under Configure->Advanced->Speed&Duplex.

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