OpenWrt on Raspberry Pi 4

We had a wonderful launch RPI4 thread that got locked by whatever reason threads get locked after a year here, you can read it here. Many experiences and solutions to common issues.


This is worth it when you have such a brilliant community. I wish there was an active thread addressing the issues and fixes for RPi4 on OpenWRT.

Did everyone here see this?
5 Gbps Ethernet on the Raspberry Pi Compute Module 4

Your post was super helpful, why withdrawn?

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if it's the solution then the thread closes and it disappears... and is of little use...

I also rudely hijacked based on the title...

Ah, I didn't know about that. I have removed your post from "solution" so I guess it'll be good to repost again.

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RPI4 RELEASED [fullthread] jrambo99

INSTALL windows and usb-wan-setup noneedtousecommunity works for any image ext4 squash
INSTALL slower explanation/s of how to connect usb and or install driver and add wan

UPGRADE strategies2

NETWORK dlakelan usb benchmarking
NETWORK m33x iperf benchmarking
NETWORK one nic vlan method link1 link2 link3 link5-externalblog

WIFI AC issues discussion
WIFI AC issues 20Mhz-and-country-tip link2-user-tasks
WIFI issues discussion client and server
WIFI 2.4Ghz AP workaround

FIRMWARE non-raspbian updating mk24

DISK benchmarks and some usb boot notes

CASESandCOOLING scroll down for temp graphs
CASESandCOOLING argonone control and i2c module setup
CASESandCOOLING official-pwm-fan

GPIO dht temp humidity via kmod-iio
RPi.GPIO finally someone gets it working

MISCCONTAINER systemd-nspawn-wip
MISCSWITCHES consumer-level-managed-switch-advice




What is hindering you in creating specific topics for specific problems?

Topics do not just disappear.

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'running' threads;

  • foster a sense of community
  • declutter the forum when several people are likely to encounter similar issues in the short term
  • make relevant and/or associated information easier to find, especially for 'new' OpenWrt users... and in the case of the pi4... there are many...

Which is why it'd be a good idea to get the launch RPi4 thread opened indefinitely, not subject to this insane rule of threads getting closed if they don't have any activity for more than 10 days. For example, the auto thread close cut a conversation between some people at the end that was getting somewhere.

@tmomas would it be possible?

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The result would be something like this:

One single topic with 5259 posts on 211 pages that one has to sift through to find relevant information on a specific problem. I am very much pissed by such a situation, hence thinking that we can do better by putting specific questions into specific topics.

@anon50098793 Can't get SQM QoS to get it working. It shows ResourcesNotFound error. :frowning:

Get a real router and access points.

are You aware comparing a motorcycle to suv ? both of them are for different market lol.

luci > system > startup > [sqm] > click [disabled] + click [start]

( read: buildnotes and feel free to ask in the thread if you are not sure if something is build related or not )


How can I configure fan control on OpenWRT or Rasbian OS? I want my case fan to run on 3.3v as you suggested above as the noise it makes is annoying.

Most of these cases the fan attached to the RPi header pins. You just attach it to the 3.3v pin, look on RPi website for the pinout diagram

With a 802.11ax extra card it can be great... openwrt support some models ?


Follow this for the details:

Hi all, I'm new to OpenWRT and I have a similar question as the original poster.
I have a Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB where I run Wireguard and Pi-Hole with a wired connection to a Huawei B618 which works as WiFi access and gateway to the internet.
Would it work if I install OpenWRT on the RPI and have the Huawei B618 as an access point/gateway?
The idea would be to have OpenWRT functionalists on top of Huawei which lacks many features