Best strategy to upgrade

Hi all,
trying to build a router/firewall for my home network on a Raspberry 4 I bought an usb-ethernet adapter to keep wan and lan separated.
Since the right driver for that card isn't in default and sysupgrade firmwares I need internet access to get it.
Here comes up my problem:
if I assign eth0 to wan I lose my connection to the Raspberry from the lan,
if I assign eth1 to wan I can't download the packages needed (kmod-usb-net-rtl8152 and brothers).
Until now I downloaded the packages before start upgrading, but today I forgot to do it.

Is there a better way or strategy to upgrade my system?

Many thanks in advance
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you would really benefit from YAFS of which there is a somewhat functional demo at libremesh... @mwarning has done a great job with it... the asu / luci-app components are far from prime time...

so for 12-24 months at least, the most reliable method is linux+imagebuilder... copy to sdcard after flashing... or make the device a lan client to get the kmods/luci... ( you could also invert lan and wan then use console or keyboard )

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Two options:

  • Use the "image builder", and build an image with all the packages you need.
  • Download the packages to your computer, then upload them to the RPi.
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Nice catch, luci-app-attendedsysupgrade did the trick.

Your second option it's not so easy when RPI links your computer to the rest of the world.

at both
I will look into image builder.

Many thanks


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