Raspberry Pi 4 released

Oh, so you are updating from the web interface, interesting. I did only tried manually using sysupgrade.

Can anyone please tell me Do i need to buy gigabit ethernet adapter if my modem only has 100mb ethernet ports? Can i go with usb2 ethernet adapter instead of usb3 gigabit ethernet adapter?

You can of course. However the USB3 to Gigabit ethernet costs as cheap as 15€ and will be ready for future upgrades.

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ok thanks and should i use usb adapter for wan or pi4 ethernet for wan? which one works best with SQM?

It shouldn't matter. The best practice is to use the RPi ethernet for LAN, in case something goes wrong with the usb adapter, not to lose connectivity to the board and to be able to login and troubleshoot.


No, you don't. But you will need a managed switch. In order to use 1 ethernet with 2 interfaces (LAN+WAN) you must configure 2 VLANs.

If you plan to use additional VLANs, the need of a managed switch is independent of using an USB-ethernet adapter.

Otherwise make your decision depending on your budget: an USB3-ethernet is about 15 €, a managed switch about 20-25 € (5-port) or 25-35€ (8-port).

The maximum speed of all VLANs is added, the limit is the maximum of your ethernet speed. Example: if your modem (on WAN) delivers a max of 100 Mbit/s, then you'll have a range of 800-900 Mbit/s for your LAN.

Of course. In that case your speed will be limited.

There are USB-100Mbit-ethernet adapter (less than 10 €), those are mostly USB2 (max speed: 100 Mbit/s).

There are USB-1Gbit-ethernet adapter, those are mostly USB3 (max speed: 1 Gbit/s).

You can connect an USB3-1Gbit-ethernet adapter with an USB2 port. In that case you'll get a maximum speed of about 300 Mbit/s (with a power consumption of about 0.3 W, connected to an USB3 port will use about 1.0 W)


I already bought a cheap unmanaged 8 port gigabit switch and also bought a usb 3 gigabit adapter

You'll more than likely need a simple managed switch for vlan tagging like a TL-SG108E.

with managed switch and vlans i only need to connect lan of pi4 with switch? and modem lan with switch?
make them in a single vlan with pi4 for pppoe? and separate vlan for lan network

Yes you can, all with one cable.

only if i knew it earlier :frowning_face:

i was thinking to buy this switch sg108e then i saw simple cheaper switch from tplink LS1008G
btw i got in to openwrt just for SQM so i don't get lags in games when other people are also using internet and went with pi4 instead of buying new router

Don't worry, while using VLANs works (if internet access is <= 500 Mbps) having the traditional two interfaces is much easier to wrap one's head around...

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i have much lower speeds 5% of your mentioned speeds :frowning_face:

Has anyone figured out how to get the PoE hat fan running on this build?

Figured it out. Install kmod-hwmon-rpi-poe-fan

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I am using that one: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00MYTSN18/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
Just install the driver: kmod-usb-net-asix-ax88179

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If you use a usb powered hard drive and a usb to ethernet adapter you might need a usb powered hub also.

From what I've tested the Pi4 doesn't have enough power on the ports to stably power both.

Had a few kernel panics and loss of internet a few hours into testing with both stock Realtek r8152 driver and the updated version.

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Hi everyone,

I tried to find information on how to install squashfs image onto the sd card, how do you do?

I'm currently using the ext4 and wishing to switch to squashfs =)


EDIT: Is using dd like I do with ext4 images correct?

EDIT2: It's seems using dd is working after extracting img file =)

Did you manage to control the fan ? Mine is running continuosly. I have kmod-hwmon-rpi-poe-fan installed.