TOTOLINK X5000R installation fail for new vendor firmware

Model: TOTOLINK X5000R
Vendor firmware version: V9.1.0cu.2089_B20211224 (from

In Vendor UI > Tools > Upgrade > Local Upgrade > Choose file
After selecting "openwrt-21.02.2-ramips-mt7621-totolink_x5000r-squashfs-sysupgrade.bin"

It prompt "Invalid upgrade firmware file."

Any idea how to install openwrt without vendor UI? - download the 6118 firmware to your PC \ laptop.

How to flash X5000R router to the 1st firmware- 6118

You have to use X5000R firmware recovery mode.

In order to get into recovery mode, follow the steps below:

1st Requirement: 6118 firmware downloaded from website.
2nd Requirement: 1 pc LAN cable
3rd Requirement: Windows based PC/ Laptop

1) Assign a static IP for your laptop or PC
IP = (example only, it can be any 192.168.1.x)
Subnet Mask =
Gateway =

2) Connect a LAN cable from your PC to the X5000R router network port
(any one of the 4 LAN ports)

3) Unplug the power from the router

4) Press and hold the RESET button (don't release yet)

5) Now plug in the power into the back of the router,
while you ARE still pressing the reset button.

6) You will see all the network ports' LED will light up, 
then the next second, you see the BLUE status LED will blink once.
Now it is the time to release the RESET button.

7) Fire up your windows command prompt, and type the following:

8) ping -t

9) Can you see and reply, if no reply, then you repeat steps: 3 again

10) If you see replies, then good news X5000R router is in firmware
recovery mode. Now fire your favourite web browser and type: to enter firmware recovery mode. DON'T CLOSE THE Windows
Command Prompt Windows yet. Let it on your Windows Desktop.

11) You will be greeted with a Firmware Recovery / Firmware Update web page.
Press Choose File, select the downloaded 6118 firmware from your PC location.
Press Update firmware. 
You will see the web page change:
	Update in Progress

12) Watch the ping reply, once you see Request time out message.
This indicate that firmware has already finished updated.

13) Wait for all the network ports LED lights to switch off, and
leave with 1 remainding LED light still on.(the port where you connected
the LAN cable with)

14) Wait for the status LED Blue light to blink slowly. This means the router
system status is ready.

15) Once the conditions of steps 13) & 14 are met, you have completed 	
the process of recovering to the 1st firmware- 6118.
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Now, you should be able to flash OpenWRT firmware.

You can proceed to flash OpenWRT firmware:

You can refer to this OP, basically, it is the same thing:

By default, X5000R does not allow you to downgrade its firmware, that is why you need to do this method.

WARNING the current release 21.02.2 has an issue with 5GHz radio, I am waiting someone from the forum to help me out .

Your procedure is 100% perfect!

I have now downgraded back to original firmware.

Will start my OpenWRT journey now.

Thanks again!!!

No problem. You are most welcome. :grinning:

Appears to be a user configuration issue.

What issue of 5GHz radio? I'm using Totolink too but no problem at all when flashing with OpenWRT

You can read & comment on my post: X5000R wireless 5GHz issue

To cut the long story short, basically, Luci is broken in the 5GHz radio.

Don't touch anything using Luci. it will crash under the 21.02.2 release
while the 2.4GHz radio is working fine.

To configure the settings on the 5GHz radio, you have edit the file: /etc/config/wireless.

Test with snapshot version ...

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