Howto: revert Totolink X5000R to factory firmware

Just want to share for X5000R users how to revert to factory firmware from previously installed openwrt. This method will work too if you previously falsely trying to flash factory image from openwrt web gui.

  1. Poweroff / unplug power adapter from the router
  2. Download the X5000R factory image from
  3. Set your computer ethernet IP to 192.168.1.X, subnet (X=your chosen ip number ranging from 2-254)
  4. Press and hold reset button while turn on / plug power adapter to the router. Wait untill ALL LAN green LED turn on, then release the reset button.
  5. Plug the LAN cable from your computer into LAN 1 port
    6.Confirm that you can connect to the router by ping from command prompt / terminal
  6. If you get reply from, then open web browser, and type in the address column :
  7. You will get the X5000R firmware update page, then choose the factory-firmware file from previously downloaded file
  8. Wait untill the router finish flashing (the router will reboot by itself) : Blue led dan green LAN led will blinking
  9. Revert the computer ethernet ip to automatic
  10. Open in web browser : or
  11. Finish, you should get Totolink web gui config page

Hope this help all X5000R users.


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Thanks for the instructions, I have added them now to the devicepage

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