Support QNAP QHora-322 ? (aka. IEI PUZZLE M902)

same machine different model
I don't know if they did anything on the bootloader

(I just got the news but the 322 is not on sale yet)

By the way I forgot to mention QNAP QHora-321 (aka. IEI PUZZLE M901)

need to wait the release on store..

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What is the procedure to replace QNAP QHora-322 proprietary OS with PUZZLE M902 Image?

same question here.
for DBG Console TTL pin number:
from 1-4 (rx 3.3v tx GND)

I meant to create a wiki with instructions for QHora-322, Thanks to Daniel I managed to install OpenWRT, is fully functional but requires lots of changes for initial setup.

I will update wiki in coming weeks


Thats super cool.
Mine is QHora-322 with the following u-boot and QuRouter OS version (QHora-322_20221104-

Marvell>> version
U-Boot 2019.10- (Jun 08 2022 - 17:52:37 +0800)

aarch64-marvell-linux-gnu-gcc (Marvell Inc. Version: Marvell GCC7 build 249.0) 7.3.0
GNU ld (Marvell Inc. Version: Marvell GCC7 build 249.0) 2.30

Hello Akron,

could you please share the installation procedure please?
I got the router and would like to switch to OpenWRT on this nice piece of hardware.

Thank you so much.

Any news about the instructions ?? :innocent: