Support QNAP QHora-322 ? (aka. IEI PUZZLE M902)

Anyone with Qhora322 can please dump it using gdisk -l I need the partition layout :slight_smile: Thanks

How to tweak fan settings?

According to this:
You should put in a formatted ext usb drive to avoid headaches.
Other Uboot command are explained here:

Yes, it need tweaks

That was not enough. I need please if you have the device to run gdisk -l
The partition layout is also very important.

Tomorrow afternoon will be done

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Great. Thank you in advance :hugs:

in uboot use command ums to mount usb stick and mmc list to get disks list

I know that. My problem is that my original partition are modified and I do not have a backup from the exact layout.

If you want to install the 23.03.x there is no tweak to apply. Only on older version

So do you need partition layout before flashing openwrt?

It does not matter. The only request is just only to have the device with the original factory partitions

I did not manage how to mount usb stick once in openwrt, could you please explain to community?

  1. Did you use/used a custom openwrt image that has built-in also the Gdisk, or do used a standard one?

  2. To find your dev, remove the USB drive and do a ls /dev/s*. Then insert the drive and run it again. You should see a new device show up. In my case it was /dev/sda1. The one you want is the one with a number. Then you mount it like this (usb1 can be whatever name you like:)@zaq

mkdir /mnt/usb1
mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/usb1