Support of Fritzbox 7530


Hi, can somebody tell me how to get the bootlog of this device and the rest of procedure to get it supported for openwrt?

Thanks in advance!


Developing support for it will be quite a challenge…

  • SoC, IPQ4019: supported
  • wlan, IPQ4019, supported
  • VDSL modem, Intel VRX518, not supported yet
    might be relatively similar to VRX2xx, but there will be considerable development necessary to get it working at all - and outside its natural habitat (married to a QCA ARMv7 SoC, rather than an all Intel/ lantiq SoC; also using little endian instead of big endian…)
  • FXS ports, same issue as with the VDSL modem - might be supportable, but it probably needs considerable porting and development efforts
  • DECT, unsupported - might not be impossible to add, but requires from-scratch development.

For the bootlog you'll need to identify and use the serial header - and hope that the vendor didn't cripple it.


Found this patch which could help with the VRX518 driver:

and this:


Hey fellas,

integration into OpenWrt has already been started at

We are also in the process of requesting the GPL sources for the VRX518 driver that is not amongst the files already shared at

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Hi everbody,

thanks for the answer!

Very very nice!
Have you flashed a FB7530 already? :slightly_smiling_face:
If yes, did you flash over adam?

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We take the same approach as with the 4040. We put a UBoot image into the kernel partition which is loaded by EVA. We plan on using the already-present ubifs to store kernel & rootfs.

Regarding flashing: In contrast to e.g. the 4040 or 4020, EVA does not support writing to flash directly. You need to load an initramfs image and write the partitions from there (AVM uses this approach for their recovery.exe)


Thanks for the answer, could you please explain step by step how to perform the flash procedure ?

Thank you!


I will do as soon as i have some kind of state which i would recommend someone to flash. Currently it is pretty barebone in terms of what is working and the required U-Boot is currently in a sorcery state. It is completely WIP currently.


Ok, thank you very much! :slight_smile:
Just tell me an I‘ll test. :slight_smile:


I was just wondering if you already found the GPL sources for the fritzbox itself?
if not, here they are:

and my mirror:

I havn't looked for the DSL driver yet, so maybe its not even in there.