VDSL modem router

I'm new to owrt. I cant find a new modem to buy.
I dont know if its because it takes a while before a device gets supported or because I need a modem for europe, or another reason.
I'd need a modem router, VDSL, profile 35b, 300 mbps and voip. Any tip ?

Here is some modem im interested:
tplink: VR1210v VR2800v
dlink: DVA‑5592 DVA‑5593
zyxel: VMG8825-T50K VMG8623-T50A VMG8823-B
asus: DSL-AC88U

Take a look here https://openwrt.org/toh/views/toh_modem_supported

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afaik there is no good option to have a voip -> dect/pots/isdn with openwrt.
also devices with vdsl-modem tend to have weak performance w/o the propritary parts of the oem-firmware facilitating hardware-nat, so 300mbps will be borderline.

imo best solution is to have the modem-device run oem-firmware (dumb-modem) and delegate establishement of the pppoe-session and firewalling/routing/sqm/wifi to a second device running openwrt and have client devices establish their own voip-sessions.


There currently is no support for any modem chipset supporting super-vectoring/ profile 35b; the (as of yet unsupported) lantiq grx350/ grx500 SOC would be needed for that. I do not expect that situation to change soon.

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Thanks Sparks and slh !
So maybe if i buy a modem with lantiq soc, there is some hope for the future ?
@ fuller No because i want owrt for privacy rather than network features.

Modemrouter with Broadcom chipsets are not supported because they have proparitäry drivers only.
Devices with Lantiq chipsets will support or it exist a teoretycally possibillity to support them because they have proparytäry Modemfirmware (that can be extract from RouterFW) and Opensource drivers.

Support for VDSL2 Annex Q profile 35b (Aka Supervectoring) Modems does not exist in Openwrt.
One Theoreticly candidate of Suppervectoring support in future are the Fritzbox 7530 with Lantiq VRX518 Modem but:

  1. I am not shure but i thing it exist some difficult problems to support the Modem.
  2. I fear there is no manpower to develop VRX518 modem support.
    For this reasons i have no hope.

Support of normal VDSL2 Modems up to profile 30a exist in target=lantiq and subtarget=xrx200 devices.
But only for speed between 50-90Mb/s.

Analoge telefon FXS connectors work with Lantiq SLIC-1xx chipsets.
One VDSL2-modem-telofon-router are the O2-Box 6431.
Another xrx200 router with more resources but not only supported by a fork are the Easybox 904xDSL

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I would assume that pure lantiq devices (SOC and modem) will be relatively easier to support than hybrid (ipq40xx + lantiq (VRX518/ PSB 80518) solutions as the AVM Fritz!Box 7520/ 7530 (those already exist for VRX2xx, e.g. Netgear D7800 or TP-Link Archer VR2600, neither of which support the VDSL functionality, although that 'should' be possible). But that's obviously guesswork at this point, as neither of these super-vectoring capable SOCs/ modem chipsets are supported yet.

However, given the prices for used VRX2xx devices (e.g. BT Home Hub 5 Type A, some of the supported AVM Fritz!Box variants (3370, 7362sl, …) or the aforementioned O² Box 6431), which are in the sub 10 EUR range plus shipping, I would definitely go for one of those, if you don't need super-vectoring now - and just wait and see for the situation to pan out for super-vectoring.

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Others already commented on VDSL 35b, so that is thoroughly covered. I wanted to chip in my recommendation not to have VoIP on the router itself. Instead, get a small external VoIP box. They are very reliable, easy to set up, and rather cheap (even cheaper second-hand). For example, search for "Gigaset IP" base stations -- the N510 IP Pro is overkill for a single phone line (it can do 4 simultaneous calls, we use it in our shared office), a S*** or A*** station will do fine (and they can still handle 2 simultaneous calls AFAIR).


Thanks everybody.

blobs are a problem!

as of 4/2020 news?

No, support for modem chipsets (or lack thereof) has not changed since you last asked.