TP-LINK Archer VR200v | FXS and DECT support

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I want to update my VR200v to latest Openwrt, and I see that the DTS file in current master is still incomplete, see
As you can read on the pull request its not working on latest OpenWrt snapshot, the POTS are silent, and I didn't find any path leading error message.

If I flash the the older firmware image (OpenWrt SNAPSHOT r5679-d726187) POTS are working, so I can close out Hardware defect.

Can somebody guide me on how to find out and fix the problem?

I see packages for DECT in menuconfig > Kernel modules > Voice over IP
Is there any progress in getting the DECT to work? Any testing needed?

POTS are general possible at vrx288 devices, but you loose the SMP support

An explanetation are is in this thread:
But for any reason page 2 is missed
Read post: 52, 54, from post 71

I think you have modifie the bootargs like:

bootargs = "console=ttyLTQ0,115200 mem=116M phym=128M vpe1_load_addr=0x87e00000 vpe1_mem=2M maxvpes=1 maxtcs=1 nosmp";

and adding vmmc:

&vmmc {
	status = "okay";
	gpios = <&gpio 37 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>; //reset_slic!

But! i am not shure for values and adresses please equal the old and new.

Note the linked script for changing the dtsfile will presumably not working,
for changing the DTS file build the whole source and use after each change:

make V=1 IGNORE_ERRORS=1 target/linux/install 

and if you need the image builder:

make V=1 IGNORE_ERRORS=1 target/imagebuilder/install

An other question is why the developers have remove POTS support, it must be a reason ?

DECT is not possible by any openwrt device as i know,
But when you build the kernel, there is an by default disabled choice box [COSIC modem for DECT] (or so) it is on the tapi driver.
maybe it is possible to get any reaction from the DECT but i think no.

But i thing the VR200v is underdeveloped in General, is the wifi are working now ?

As you can see in my PR I already applied these changes.
POTS work if I compile some old OpenWrt (snapshot r5679-d726187), but with the current snapshot the POTS are silent...
There are no Build errors.
The only thing unusual when (re)starting asterisk are 10 lines in syslog:

Read Cmd MBX overslept.

Full bootlog

WiFi is not working out of the box, for this I have opened an other thread.

Sorry Aeronaut, i have read your post to fast:
As i understand you have changed the target/linux/lantiq/dts/VR200v.dts in the past (adding vmmc and changing the bootconsole)
And it was working. (dts file Post #78 ?)

Now the same changes in target/linux/lantiq/files-4.14/arch/mips/boot/dts/VR200v.dts are not working, it is correct ?
Can you post your DTS file
or is this are your changes that you have try: ?

If yes use:

&vmmc {
    status = "okay";
    gpios = <&gpio 30 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH  //fxs relay
                                        &gpio 31 GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH  //still unknown
                                        &gpio 3  GPIO_ACTIVE_HIGH>; //reset_slic?

I think the DTS files are changed in general vmmc are now in vr9.dtsi but it is deactivated

What you can try addional is to add this in bootargs:

panic=1 DTS-TEST-SEQNO=77 rootdelay=7"

but i fear it makes no different

Sorry but i have no idea what can be the reason too
your bootlog locks good but i miss this lines like:

[    1.436346] lantiq,vmmc 1f103000.vmmc: requested GPIO 499
[    1.441643] lantiq,vmmc 1f103000.vmmc: reserved 1MB at 0x06800000

(and of course the error message is bad)

Checklist the following:
How many cores do you have try: cat /proc/cpuinfo ?
are the tapi and vmmc drivers correct loaded and what happen when unload and load ?

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After finding out where exactly to add this, it now works. Thanks!


I have both a VR200 and a VR200v.

Since it appears activating the POTS ports causes a loss of SMP support, would it make sense to add a target for the VR200 that doesn't include the POTS stuff? Would there be a way to integrate this logic within the same dts file, so as to avoid adding a target?


You are right, you will loss one CPU for the POTS.
I don't know if such a logic is possible in DTS.
I think that they are two different devices and there should be a second target for the the VR200 so you don't loss the second CPU unused.

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Has anyone tried using DECT binaries from the TP-Link firmware?

AFAICS you would also need one or more kernel drivers for the DECT stack.
The documentation for the DECT functionality is pretty sparse, but you might have some luck searching for "UGW 7.3" or "UGW 8.1.1" which are Intel/Lantiq releases of their own OpenWrt derived router software which includes the DECT stack (but the DECT stack appears not to be part of the source releases). There's also a thread referring to a newer UGW version here: Support of Fritzbox 7530

For reference, in OpenWRT trunk, a VR200 target has been created from the VR200v which should support SMP instead of the POTS ports.