Support for Huawei AX3 Pro

Hi all, I have two european (UK) honor router 3 (dual core) devices, and a single huawei ax3 dual core that I use as a mesh. The two honors are cable connected and the ax3 is then using wireless. They all show up as link+ devices.

A couple of months ago, my ax3 was offered the update and it installed it however, the honor router 3's were stuck at and were not offered updates. I have applied the and then the binaries in that order to the two honor 3 devices tonight manually based on downloads on this forum; and everything is working well. I've not found any issues with link+ - but I have not attempted unpairing and then re-pairing the routers, I don't want to do this incase I do run into issues - but I just wanted to post my own experience with the firmware - it seems fine!

Although.. the second honor 3 does now show up as some other strange huawei device-previously it was shown as HONOR Router 3_0300 :smiley:

Como consigo firmware para versão brasileira?

I've never seen such version available. I've updated to as described a few posts above and it's the last update.

Hello friends.
Today, version, in my Global WS7200(20).
Yesterday,,factory firmware, then, manually change to in a few seconds I have
Ok all...
Today, check for a new version and surprise,
I do not use Link+, but the router work very fine at all.


My Huawei device updated to OTA but the two honor 3 routers have not found this update. Does anyone have a download link for the version?

Link+ feature is still not fixed on