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Hi all, I have two european (UK) honor router 3 (dual core) devices, and a single huawei ax3 dual core that I use as a mesh. The two honors are cable connected and the ax3 is then using wireless. They all show up as link+ devices.

A couple of months ago, my ax3 was offered the update and it installed it however, the honor router 3's were stuck at and were not offered updates. I have applied the and then the binaries in that order to the two honor 3 devices tonight manually based on downloads on this forum; and everything is working well. I've not found any issues with link+ - but I have not attempted unpairing and then re-pairing the routers, I don't want to do this incase I do run into issues - but I just wanted to post my own experience with the firmware - it seems fine!

Although.. the second honor 3 does now show up as some other strange huawei device-previously it was shown as HONOR Router 3_0300 :smiley:

Como consigo firmware para versão brasileira?

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I've never seen such version available. I've updated to as described a few posts above and it's the last update.

Hello friends.
Today, version, in my Global WS7200(20).
Yesterday,,factory firmware, then, manually change to in a few seconds I have
Ok all...
Today, check for a new version and surprise,
I do not use Link+, but the router work very fine at all.


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My Huawei device updated to OTA but the two honor 3 routers have not found this update. Does anyone have a download link for the version?

Link+ feature is still not fixed on

I have the following configuration:
Product name: HUAWEI WiFi AX3
Software Version
Router Version EMUI
My firmware doesn't have the DDNS configuration menu, could someone help me?

I got the WS7200-30 too, software version, does this firmware have the DDNS configuration menu?





Who has updated to version try to downgrade to version Interesting - is it possible?

Direct links to the firmware in the post above.

Why would someone downgrade it?

How do you capture the download links? I could try rolling my ac3 back to if I had a way to then capture the so I can download and apply to my honor 3’s

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Olá amigos, no AX3 PRO 7200 chinesa, têm alguma firmware atualizada com suporte para multi idiomas
? comprei ontem o meu roteador e queria deixar- lá em PT-BR idioma brasileiro.
qual a melhor firmware sem bugs pra ela ?

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The preferred language in the OpenWrt forum is english.
When writing in your native language, please always provide an english translation.
This way other users all around the world can take part in the discussion and possibly benefit from the outcome, without having to use a translator.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


I see the above downloads for the .bin files, but can someone explain how to actually flash a new firmware to the AX3's?

I have the Quad Core Enhanced Edition, WS7200-30.

I'm stuck on FW version I don't seem to be able to navigate beyond the standard splash setup screen :man_shrugging:

Just download the bin files. Under your router web admin, there is a option to push a firmware update.

Hello, I have a problem. My ax3 chinese version after upgrade to won't let connected device obtain IP from DHCP server. Version 10.x.x work fine but downgrade firmware is blocked. Any help would be appreciated.

Guys, if like me you wanted to switch to OpenWRT so that it can be better integrated with Home Assistant, then I'm glad to say that there is now an integration for this Huawei router with Home Assistant using the original firmware.

The integration itself is amazing, big kudos to its creator.

Hi. I recently bought two Huawei AX3 Quad Core (I believe WS7200-20 models). They both have firmware. Should I consider updating to

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