Support for Huawei AX3 Pro

I was "locked" on , like you, updated to and after that the router started detecting the updates.

Replying directly to your question, you should update. I noticed a big speed improvment on latest updates.

Altough they still didn't allow you to set a DNS server to your local network :frowning:

Look here.

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I was able to set the DNA server by sending raw data with curl, using a bash script.

Thanks anyway

Do you have any new firmware?

send me the firmware of the recent version please

Is hardware Brazil 7200-30 the same as Chinese 7200-10 ?

7200-30 global version

PCB is like Chinese, but cant find photos of amplifiers, software like Global with a little more power

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I have an ax3 ws7206 version br that has software version, would anyone have an update for my router that is current?
Is it possible to upgrade from this old version to a more current version without any problems?

does anyone have version in bin?

Does anyone know if Honor 3 Xd20 is flashable with Huawei 7100-20 or does someone have a Honor 3 bin?

new firmware?

Do you have found any solution for this?. I'm in the same version and cannot upgrade to the newest firmware. As verified in this website, there is a new version for WS7206-30, but i can't upgrade too.

Downgrade firmware WS7[1,2]00-20 only (maybe 30(C500))
HUAWEI_AX3 — Яндекс Диск (

  1. Download "Huawei Multicast Upgrade Tool" - HuaweiMUT.exe

  2. Download firmware WS7x00-20_10.0.5.26_main_debug.bin and *.ini file

  3. Connect the router to the computer using the "LAN" cable. Turn off "WAN" (Internet), and also turn off the power of the router.

  4. Open the "Huawei MUT" application, in the "Netcard" section, select the network card where the router is connected via the "LAN" cable.


  6. In the "Image file" section, click "Open", open the folder with the firmware and select the file WS7x00-20_10.0.5.26_main_debug.bin․ In the upper right corner, put a checkmark on the section so that all 2 checkboxes are on all 2 sections.

  7. Press the "AI Life" button (H) on the router and, without releasing, connect the power to the router, after connecting the power, hold the "AI Life" button for EXACTLY 2 SECONDS so that the router switches to firmware mode.

  8. In the "Huawei MUT" application, click on "Start" and the firmware process begins. If it gives an error during the firmware process, click on "Start" again, if it gives an error again, perform step 7 again, if it still gives an error, set "Interval" to 5. WHAT THE ROUTER IS RECEIVING FILES, AND IF IT DOES NOT FLASH RED, BUT JUST IS ON RED - THIS MEANS THAT THE PROGRAM IS SENDING FILES TO ANYWHERE.

  9. After a successful firmware, the red color on the router will first start flashing a little slowly - THIS MEANS THAT THE FILES ARE WRITTEN, DO NOT POWER OFF! Then the green color will burn - this means 100% success, but that's not all․

  10. After the green color is on, turn off the power of the router and turn it on again. The router will not boot up and the orange-red color on the LED of the router will be lit - THIS IS NORMAL. We do not disconnect the router from the computer․

  11. Go to the "Control Panel", in the upper right corner of "View" put "Large icons" - click on "Network and Sharing Center" - "Ethernet" - "Properties" - IP version 4 (TCP / IPv4). Click "Use the following IP address" and set "IP address", "Subnet mask", "Default gateway" . Click "OK" and close the windows.

  12. Go to the "Control Panel", click on "Programs and Features", look for "Telnet Client" and check the box. Press "OK"․

  13. Open the command prompt as administrator, write telnet and press "Enter", then write command: "diag restore default" and press "Enter" again, wait 5 seconds․ Turn off and turn on the power of the router․


I recently bought two Ax3 Pro ws7206 routers (they are the same, even the serial is only different at the end) but both have different software versions. One is at version and the other at version Both say they are at the most up-to-date version by auto-update. Does anyone know how I can update them manually? I Googled entire Internet but not find any assistance, even by Huawei Support.