Support for Huawei AX3 Pro

Hi everyone !

I just bought a Huawei AX3 Pro and I was wondering if there is any chance OpenWrt would be available for it.

The processors is a Gigahome Quad-core 1.4 GHz.

Would be really nice :slight_smile:


lintel said it is possible(hisi has sdk)

7/4 Bad news, hisilicon's driver is binary :cry:



I could'nt find the @lintel post were he said it was possible.
In the website link, it talks about Xiaomi pro, but not the Huawei AX 3 Pro.
What does it mean hisilicon's driver is binary ? would openwrt be supported ?

I have the Chinese Firmware and it is a pain. i would like to switch to openwrt or AT least the global version firmware - if possible.

thanks in advance,

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can't support to openwrt, only huawei linux

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At this moment,there is none source code for the wifi chips, but not linux kernel.
so I will release some new GPL code for Hisilicon PON SoC.


latest chinese & global firmware maybe useful!42313&authkey=!AGwZ_znvuP-pYTQ


is it possible to add multi languages from global firmware to chinese firmware ?

Where did you get that firmware from Frifox?

someone paid 10$ for it and share it for free on russian forum


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This device looks attractive but its closed source nature disappoints me and the stock FW doesn't has any kind of QoS afaik.

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I would like to use on my chinese ax3 pro but not really sure where it actually comes from. Who charged the person $10? Huawei has refused to give me firmware.

I just got the AX3 Pro, and found your link to the global firmware. But the question is, how to install it? The device show only Chinese UI, and tehre is no USB Port, so how do I get the Firmware installed?


You have to use google translate (I use google chrome browser) to translate to your language then click on More Features then Router Management then Local Upgrade and then should be easy from there.

You will not switch to a non-Chinese firmware.

  1. The router will refuse to flash.
  2. Available global firmwares are cut in terms of capabilities and are designed for the absence of 2.4Ghz amplifiers.
  3. Select English in the browser and the translation will not be clumsy.
  4. Set up and forget (score) once

Yeap for now using tplink sg105e for vlan untag/tag, & dialup using ax3 pro.

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Anyone know how can I give feedback on AX3 Pro directly to Huawei? Their forum is a mess, there's no specific area or topic regarding this router.
I have an odd problem: my ISP forces a new IP after 48 hours (expected, as it's dynamic), and when this happens, the router shows a captive portal on all connected devices and blocks internet access until I turn WiFi off and back on (on the client device, no interaction with router is required). If I do this, internet works right away, but on Android TV is impossible to do that as this captive portal keeps opening, closing, refreshing and redirecting, making the device unusable as the portal blocks all UI. Why a captive portal on a home router, Huawei, why?
I'm using PPPoE dialing and IPv4+IPv6. I suspect it's related to IPv6, as It happens whenever the ISP DHCP lease expires, and the router shoul re-assign a new prefix to all devices once the old one becomes invalid.
For testing, I will disable IPv6 for now, but obviously this is not a solution.

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This is a new firmware.. something to try? and as always at our own risk?!AGwZ_znvuP-pYTQ&id=4515EC9C32FC2E32!42313&cid=4515EC9C32FC2E32


CPU: HiSilicon Hi5651L @1.2GHz (Dual-core ARM)

Flash/RAM: 128MB/128MB (in SoC), 12V/1A,

WLAN: HiSilicon Hi1152 (2x 2T2R)

CPU: HiSilicon Hi5651T @1.4GHz (Quad-core ARM)

Flash/RAM: 128MB/256MB, 12V/2A,

WLAN: HiSilicon Hi1152 (2x 2T2R)

I upgraded the firmware to (using this file) and it seems to works fine. I noticed one new option regarding power saving. Unfortunately, there is no change log, so I really don't know if there is any other improvement or bugfix.
Still testing to see if my issue regarding IPv6 expiral and captive portal showing up was addressed.

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Is there a QoS / bandwidth management feature with stock firmware?

No. This router lacks proper QoS. It only has bandwidth limiting per device and on guest WiFi network. Huawei AX3 Pro is behind Xiaomi AX1800 regarding this.

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