Support for Huawei AX3 Pro

I upgraded from c500 v10. X. 33 to v11

I don't remember, which was the version number prior to v10.x.33, but It was working fine too. Only the v11 has the mesh feature broken

As far as I remember, on the prior version, there was a similar bug If you try to set manually a short password to the "Link+". So I used the self generated password.

Do you remember if the 10.x.33 version was manually updated using links on this post or was received through OTA?

Yes, as long as I don't try to modify the Link+ password, all changes related to wifi :SSID, password, channel, etc... where replicated on the 10 routers within a few minutes only

What did Huawei say to you in private messages?

Did you downgrade the firmware?

They just asked for the SN# of my routers...
I don't think they'll do anything as long as they don't get a large quantity of reports

They ask for a serial number and send an update to the device via auto-update. Check for an update on your device.

I´ve updated my c506 to c500 version 10.x.33 using the file available in this post. After that I´ve upgraded to version 11.x.

I haven´t noticed any difference. The only thing is that for the first time my router has auto selected some channel for 5g wifi that is not the 149!

How many AX3 do you have as slave (sub) routers ?

Two slaves

Don't flash it !
There's no additional features but you'll lose the mesh functionality

Nobody have this router? Would like to know if somebody flashed succesfully any .bin firmware locally (not ota update) to this model. I need to find out compatibility with ax3 firmwares. If these two are same routers or not...

So basically, you want someone else to find out if flashing it (in any means possible) would brick it, so you won't ?

no, read carefully please. I wanna know if somebody ALREADY flashed this model. Next time you better read twice before posting :wink:

The outcome's the same, innit?
As long as someone does the leg work for you...

which work? i wrote already that flashing ax3 firmwares do not work for me. I wanna flash but not success yet. So i need somebody who has same model as me with correct firmware. your posts are unusable and irrelevant.

And I thought thread hijacking was too, guess I was wrong, sorry.


Huawei finally disappointed .... instead of helping people and sending a firmware downgrade to a working version, they deleted all comments and closed it. Next time I will buy Xiaomi!

Critical bug on mesh feature AX3 pro firmware - HUAWEI Community

Have you tried the debug version?

yes, not working. Maybe they are using slightly other firmware for Honor router 3 than for ax3 so my router does not accept it... dunno