Support for Huawei AX3 Pro

Thanks. Mine was stuck at version and I updated to -26 and it detected version -33

hello, I need the firmware version c500, WS7200-30. Does anyone have a download link? huawei support not responding (C500) last for WS7200-30 BR version

I needed the .bin download link. I got the ws7200 download link, through tcpdump, I got the ws7200-20 url, but I needed this ws7200-30.

I will post the direct huawei link of the ws7200-20.

If anyone can get the ws7200-30 c500...

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Tell me for the future, what command did you find out the address using tcpdump?

probably C500 is a pre-release 华为路由AX3 Pro-WS7200-20(现存)固件汇总 - 风流云的博客 (

pt-BR present in changelog

1 - Disable the modem's auto update, the update must be run when tcpdump is in listener
2 - Configure a linux to share the internet, configure the WAN port of the Huawei to receive the internet through linux with Fixed IP to facilitate.
3 - Install tcpdump on linux and run the command:

tcpdump -i $INTERFACE -w log.cap

$INTERFACE is the network card where the Huawei WAN was connected (ex: eth0).
4- Run update on Huawei.
5 - Stop tcpdump and Copy the log.cap file and open it in Wireshark, and filter by http protocol. It will show the htttp requests, and one of them will have the link used to get the binary.
6 - The ideal is to do the procedure only with the modem connected to the network, because a large number of requests makes the debug difficult.

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After much study, I got the download link for the ws7200-30(c500) version.

He follows

I don't know why they put the firmware with the name ws7200-20, since it is the ws7200-30 version, I believe that because it is a variant of the international version.


Firmware WS7100-20_10.0.5.33_main.bin probably fit Huawei WS7100-30 and HONOR Router 3

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Hello. What's the difference between c500 and c506? Mine is sold as "Brasil Version" with 4 amplifiers on Ali and the firmware is stuck in Can I install the c500 firmware? It will still work with 4 amplifiers? Thank you.

maybe this WS7206 on 2 qore Qualcomm?

There's very little information about that device to be found, but apparently it's IPQ5018+QCN6102 - not supported by OpenWrt at this point (and based on the purported RAM sizes of 256 MB not going to be be supported by OpenWrt at all, not enough for ath11k to work). Previous huawei devices also prevented installing third party firmware via signed firmwares and the SOC at least provides the opportunity to make that impossible altogether (secure boot fuses).

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So in short put the router in the trash


Just got ax3 pro Chinese version and got the WS7206 and it's kind of bed compere to the WS7200, I got four units for my parents house, in any spot i put them there is an Ethernet cable from the main modem but I can't config them as MASH with Ethernet cable how can I set them up like so? it's only config them in mash wireless between the routers

Are you able in Linux to see password and Id network used to configure mesh huawei network.. In other words could you modify in cli config to join this routers of huawei to openwrt mesh network..


By the way how did you access to huawei routers with ssh?

telnet on debag/demo version firmware Support for Huawei AX3 Pro - #146 by rah66

Thanks to all that contributed to make it clear: Never buy a Huawei AX3 (PRO ;- )

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Following Adding New Device, I dumped a few things from a root shell:
(if the link is dead, contact me)

In case someone reading this and wondering how to get a root shell:
Install a firmware with telnet enabled (see a few posts above), then telnet into the router's ATP prompt, type shell for shell access, and then su for root access (do not type su -, it will trigger a restart of everything).


How do I downgrade to version 10.5.38?

I'm with and when I put the old fw it warns that it's not possible to go back.

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