OpenWrt support for WAX206

Do they have ppoe packages?

Did You read the reply to You from omeg - he's put on what You are asking for

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When you use several SSIDs you'll need to add sleep 10 in _wireless_set_up() in /lib/netifd/ after _wdev_notify_init $CMD_UP

No, but try the images mentioned in Finn's post.

Did a lot of testing last week to get my KPN internet-only glasfiber connection (netherlands) working with the image from @omeg . hoewever it wont work. Looks like something is wrong with the image. Even a simple tuturial from wont work. My asus router was working fine with similiar settings. I think i will return mine. Sadly, i really like to learn more from openwrt and networking. Sorry for my bad english.



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So you're bashing an openwrt image, provided for free, running on a currently unsupported device ?


Nice of You to edit Your initial posting :roll_eyes:

The tutorial you linked is using old style of configuring vlans, not necessarily suitable for these razor edge builts. Take a look here for some insight of new style of vlan configurations. Mini tutorial for DSA network config - Installing and Using OpenWrt / Network and Wireless Configuration - OpenWrt Forum

This might not be the case, just seen quite a many similar cases. Hope this helps.

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Did you mean me in my thread hier? LAN-bridge configuration like AVM in OpenWrt
Because your answer fits my topic and I think it helps me a lot, thank you.

Did you use this image when you did the factory flash:
That would be the correct image to use for 1Gb wan port with ppp. If yes and still it is not working, the blog you linked mentions your service providers forums had openwrt info there:, might be able to help. Seems your wan needs to be tagging traffic on vlan 6 and the mtu changed to 1508, however the page here seems to say the mtu should be 1448 (


Not directly ment to you. Great if it helps. A lot of confusion about DSA vlans...

Thank you all for your work. I tried to install WireGuard and OpenVPN, using GM's .img file, but this image is based on kernel 5.15.86. Kernel 5.15.90 or latter is required. Any plans to upgrade?

you will "never" be able to install kmods from official repo on a home brew image....

Thank you for your reply and information. I'll wait.

Wait few days and I think it will be available on the image builder website, so you can easy enter the text/packages you need and it will be built. I’m waiting for it too, it’s a bit annoying make your own build every few days… (indeed I can’t wait to have the stable master branch support :smile: )

Anyway now I configured the WAX206 as access point only (after some days of try…) and my home network now has less lag and overall it’s faster when a new device join it (to assign the DHCP), and has about 1-2ms less ping time, don’t know if it’s due to a complicate routing that I had before with the firewall, DHCP, etc… also on the WAX206. This AP/router is “improving” with time, if only it was black… :laughing:

you know something we don't ? :wink:

I don’t think, I know only that has been merged to the snapshot and then it will be available on the website, like the other devices and WAX202

I thought the PR would need to be closed before it happened, but I'm probably wrong,
never really been keeping track on the process of adding new devices ...

Pr for wax206 is still open, no builds until it's merged.

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