OpenWrt support for WAX206

Is anyone working on adding support for Netgear WAX206 ?

if these photos are correct, it's the same MT combo as all currently supported AX devices.

Haven't seen any posts about it, though.

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I have two incoming but they won't arrive until late June timeframe when I plan to start looking at them.

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I confidently await your developments.

This one's actually cheaper in EU than in US, and comes with an 2.5gbit uplink port.

Might just grab one, to speed things up.

yeah, those are already in the electric garden URL

if you got an USB TTL, feel free to hook it up to the 4 pins/holes, above the top shielded chip in your 1st photo, and post the boot log.

the pins are clearly marked, connect GND-GND, TX-RX, and RX-TX, don't connect Vcc.