Installing OpenWRT in a X86 System in a partition, having both WIN11 and OpenWRT

thats so nice mate, hope you could help me with this :sweat_smile:

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that's fine and dandy, but did you read the rest of the wiki page ?
those modules won't make it tether automagically.

one thing I thought of, since you want the wifi to run as STA, not AP, it might actually work,
if you the right modules. then you can connect to the phones wifi hot spot :slight_smile:

Don't think I did. I'm fairly sure I suggested configuring your other computer share its wireless Internet connection via the Ethernet cable. Someone else might have suggested tethering, though.

By the way, terminology is important. Are you talking about using your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot? If so, then you don't need any form of tethering; rather, you would connect to your phone's Wi-Fi hotspot using the T8's on-board wireless interface configured as a client.

But my understanding, from last night, is that you've discovered that the wireless interface isn't supported by the ready-made x86 image so you're having to find other avenues to get the thing connected.

When mine arrives I'll shove the same ready-made image on it and see what I can find out.

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I did.

It just came up, we were talking about wired tethering previously.

I said it wouldn't run as AP, STA mode for wifi tethering didn't cross my mind, until now.

waiting for it to arrive to you ASAP! haha

you'd be done by then ....

Ah. That makes more sense. Apologies for not keeping up with the shifting strands of the conversation. I haven't reached my mandatory morning coffee quota yet. Still working on it.

More caffeine, stat!


Based on Realtek rtl8821ce wifi not recognized - #4 by ThiloteE, the rtw88 package might be worth testing for wifi functionality, also add the hostapd and wpa-supplicant packages.

how do i add it to my x86?

Same way as adding any other package: opkg.

sorry, i meant "download" it, i suppose i need to have it in .ipk format

opkg update
opkg install <package name>

Same process works for every single available package.

just add it to the package list, like the other packages, in the online image builder, and reflash, your settings won't get wiped.

don't forget to keep luci on the list :wink:

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he... remember i dont have internet access... from x86

You're right. I'd forgotten that. That's the entire point of this exercise, after all. Apologies.

More coffee...

The package files are available from - I haven't ever experimented with downloading and transferring them and installing them locally, but I expect others on the forum have, and may be able to advise on the method and syntax for doing so.

it works, just do opkg install /tmp/package.ipk

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do i have to search rtw88 i suposse, will do and comenting it

Edit: Found 2, will install both...

I know searching is tiresome, but it's how we learn.

opkg update
opkg list | grep -i rtw88

... assuming your device have internet access :slight_smile:

you still have a coffee deficiency :stuck_out_tongue: