Installing LEDE on FiOS Quantum Gateway G1100

Hi I am newcomer to the openWRT/ LEDE community,

I have a FiOS Quantum Gateway (G1100) router laying around, that I'm wanting to put OpenWRT/ LEDE on it. Has anyone been able to successfully do this, if so can I be steered to the bin file that would update the router?

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The G1100 is supported???

I have no idea if it is supported, that's what i'm hoping to find out.

Not listed...not supported. You got me excited at first!!!

But...Please let me, and definitely the thread know if you're willing work on support for this device.


Also, the coax is a driver only given to the FiOS open-source firmware will likely never include support for it.

oh yeah I'm willing to get this device supported

I am not worried about the coax / moca connection. I have ethernet connection from the ONT unit to my router.

As do I...but mostly because I don't trust the stock firmware being on my border router (port/protocol forwards have mysteriously closed on my G1100 before). So I have an OpenWrt device as my WAN. :smiley:

There's another you use FiOS TV?

There's traffic that occurs on the MOCA bridge, and the G1100 uses newer coax frequencies (channels) there wren't available on older MOCA equipment. This means you might have to purchase a newer MOCA bridge if you need TV.

Are you willing to open it up and search for a 4-pin TTL serial port???

An SSH server can also be enabled on this device...but using serial, we can look at the bootloader from power on.

We need to determine mainly:

  • CPU
  • Memory
  • Flash Chip
  • Wireless
  • Switch Chip

Photographs are good too.

I do not use FiOS for TV or Voice, Just Internet.

Will the configuration file work for you?

I'm not sure you understand...a config file for the old firmware won't work. You're trying to replace the firmware on the device with OpenWrt. Besides, I have a G1100.

  • First, it may be helpful to find (REQUEST) a copy of the stock firmware's source code, the router's homepage provides a link to the GPL 2.0 License, so I assume some portion of the firmware must be open source.

If you are uncomfortable with opening your device, this may not be an endeavor for you.


I have the following

WPC57542E A1
Cortina 2011

Can you explain what this means?

Basic web searches don't bring up any information that leads me to believe these are chip fact, I found 0 results for each line above.

  • Did you read this information from a chip inside the router???
  • Can you take photos of the interior of the router?

Found this:[]=cortina

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