Support for D-Link DIR-816?

I was redirected here as my device is not mentioned in the Table of Hardware by OpenWrt.

I am wondering if there is a way I could install an existing compatible image.
I could try to find out any hardware details from the internet. I also have the source code for the existing firmware from D-Link as they open sourced it.

My intention here is to add support for this device (DIR-816) so any tips and guides that you think might be helpful. I am a self taught developer. I might not know everything but I am willing to give it a shot! :smiley:

The concept of 'compatible' devices in the sense of interchangable binary firmware images basically doesn't exist for embedded devices like routers, so you will have to do some amount of porting yourself - that may be simple, if there are similar devices, or it may be harder; at least the 5 GHz wlan isn't going to work (and I'm already assuming the only possible option, the "D-Link DIR-816 rev A1" and not the "D-Link DIR-816L rev A1" here).

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@slh Yes, it's D-Link DIR-816 rev A1. It has a 2.4GHz and 5GHz wlan support with stock firmware.
Although it's not a deal breaker for me, but I want to know more about why the 5GHz wlan won't work.

Please don't mind if it's a stupid question as I am totally new here. I request you to please share any reference to any form of documentation related to this as that might help me getting on the same page or considering noobness, same book. :sweat_smile:

@lleachii Thank you for moving this to right department. :grin:

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Not a problem.

You wanna hardware hack too? :slight_smile:
Here's a basic list:

Roger that

I was able to open up the router without breaking anything! Yay!
Here are some pics. Let me know if you need something else.

Edit: I had to add a dot at the end of the link to stop it from rendering the image. Please remove the "." at the end of the link to view the Album on Google Drive.

I'll add more details tomorrow.

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Looking for supported openwrt firmware for same model (DIR-816 H/W-A1 F/W -1.06).

Strangely I am unable to update latest firmware (downloaded from ). Any one done it successfully?

Actually I want to setup this router in bridge mode by ethernet port. Don't want to set as wifi repeater to solve the purpose because if once disconnected, having hard time get auto connect to main router until it get reboot. But factory settings have no option provided for bridge mode. Anyway, IMO, D-Link products/Firmware/Website sucks due to providing less features, bugs and bad GUI.

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is there any other routers firmware we can flash into dir-816??

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me too i am unable to update to latest version

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I agree and suffered a lot. Later discover a solution. Use DNS in your hand held devices. This might help you a bit

so bro , u got anything on it???

Did you guys found out any UART pins/schematic of this board?

please check, download and share, especially mandarin guys(Note:site is in mandarin, downloading is not working)

Any one able to load custom firmware?

What I know till now DIR816-version A1 runs custom firmware and firmware upgrade is blocked in that release. I have the same device and want to configured into repeater mode but unable to update.

If any one knows, how to load default boot loader or firmware then let me know.
Even I'm looking for HW spec in case I can load any other similar loaded to boot custom firmware.

Any pointer will be appreciate....Thanks in advance

So :blush: I am basically a novice. I have a D-link DIR 816 lying around. Wanted to install a custom firmware for fun but saw that it has none and there wasn't much in the forum except few discussions. I googled and did some research on my own on how to create my own firmware :smiley: i already have a linux distro so setting up was easy but now i am stuck in selecting my device(Target Profile) as there is none in option. Is it only for creating firmware for already existing/supported devices in openwrt? is there any way i can create a firmware for my device?
my device config:
CPU: MediaTek MT7620A (580 MHz) 64 mb Ram with 16 mb flash

Hello! Is there any support for the 816 yet? A similar router is 810L which has the same hardware and its supported. Im not sure if i can install it. There's a similar post titled but i don't want to reply to it as it is years old. Thanks

EDIT: After a bit of research i found that a model named DIR-819 looks and works exactly the same. Maybe different regions have different names?

@mundane140 I know this is an old thread, but wanted to pick it up from here. Were you able to make any progress from this point?