Support for TL-MR3420 v3

Challenge: TL-MR3420 v3 is currently unsupported.

To whom it may concern:

Please consider supporting a viable solution that supports OpenWrt to run on TL-MR3420 v3.
I would like to pose the possibility of changing the default USB modem port into a USB expansion port that will facilitate a USB hub. The goal is to be able mount / unmount / mv the primary kernal directory onto an external hard drive or flash drive. Of course we will need to facilitate hardware driver compatibility that auto-detects the USB hub and automatically reserves two USB ports on the hub - one for the modem and the the other for the external HD.

I am just thinking out loud. I have done no research on this whatsoever. I would just like to know if this is possible.


Listed as unsupported. Do you have the following information?

Mine is using the patch from this thread. It works but I only tested it with LEDE