LEDE will support asus rt-ac86u?

The BCM4366E chip LEDE version no found at LEDE downloads yet :stuck_out_tongue:

I am wondering the same thing?

It appears it will not be supported anytime soon...nothing in the next release changelog.


any news on support of the AC86U?

You all are aware that...Broadcom doesn't offer Free and Open Source drivers?

See: https://openwrt.org/meta/infobox/broadcom_wifi

You will likely have to become willing to work on support yourselves.

Routers aren't magically supported, nor do they get supported via an automated means. You will have to manually hack the hardware to get other pertinent details of other hardware (memory, flash chip, etc.) needed to port OpenWrt to the device. If memory is less than 32 MB; or the Flash is 4 MB or less, it's very unlikely to get a lot of dedication to support from the developers (but, there's no hurt in asking).

Requesting the Open Source files for the router and a copy of the boot up from the serial console will also be helpful. If you see OpenWrt in the boot sequence (which has happened before)...let us know definitely. :wink:

nothing wrong with a simple answer, to a simple question.

thanks for telling us routers aren't magically supported...........lol.................

couldn't personally be bothered anyway, compiling own Openwrt and running x86-64, done with consumer routers.

Not sure if that means you're willing to pursue the device or just x86_64...so, if you are interested, here's some things that might be needed:

Wasn't sure it was understood (typing to all who may read). It was a thread that lasted over a year; and I noticed nobody informed you there's no "auto-magical" process to adding a piece of hardware.

Thanks, a few months ago, maybe, I just followed up out of curiosity.

I have no intention of returning to consumer routers, they can't compare to an x86.

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