Bricked Xiaomi Mi Router 4A (MIR4A) 100M international version


I just bricked my new Xiaomi Mi Router 4A (MIR4A) 100M.

I use OpenWRTInvasion method with this image:

I read that there two different version of MIR4A routers, with different layouts, mine is SKU: DVB4230GL

Could I debrick my device?

Which image could I need to flash to my device?

I will really appreciate your help.

Kind regards.

serial recovery might work;a=commit;h=5ff5c9bce6b6e51060c272521528b5afd789e9ab


But I have no way to make a serial connection.

I have other router with same SKU. Anyone could guide how to flash OpenWRT on it?

Which firmware is the good one for my device?

Kind regards.

Seems your version is the international one, while the fw assume it's Chinese.

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Thanks for the links.

I recover the device installing "miwifi_r4ac_all_c4b35_2.18.28.bin" image with MIWIFIRepairTool (disable the antivirus).

Then upgrade from 2.18.28 to 2.18.51 in the web interface and then install OpenWRT with OpenWRTInvasion.

Now I have 2 Mi Router 4A (100M version) running with OpenWRT.

Thanks for all your help.

Best regards.


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Hi @jlazkano

May I know if you successfully installed OpenWRT using the same link as the opening post or with different link?


Same link. But before install this file I need to flash chinnese images: 2.18.28 -> 2.18.51 -> OpenWRT


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Thank you @jlazkano, exactly what I needed.

Bootloop after flashing OpenWrt from global firmware v3.xx.xx, follows what you did and it's up and running now.



MIWIFIRepairTool tutorial

Chinese stock firmware


Thanks for the link.

It will be great to have a entry in the wiki as our "big brother":

Someone could start the wiki? I don't know how to do it. I could help to complete.

Kind regards.

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See Applying for OpenWrt wiki account

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