What's your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device?


wireless is shitty in every SBCs. You can use the acrylic case of Orange Pi Zero for the R1, attach some stand-offs and a 5V fan for active cooling.


what is an SBCs ?


Single-Board Computer


That certainly makes sense, though I would suspect that the Raspberry Pis have it slightly better, due to them using Broadcom SoCs, so no horrid Realtek WiFi (though it may require using closed-source firmware binaries for better performance).

My Raspberry Pi 3B is still waiting for me to have a working HDMI-equipped monitor (which would also be the first such monitor in the house, everything is either VGA-only, or VGA+DVI-D).


Interesting. Based on what ?
As I have lot of hotspots (2.4GHz only), running on MT7620A-based openwrt routers. Doing very well.


Save yourself some money and get an HDMI to VGA adapter. You can also try the composite video output through the 3.5mm jack, and there's also VNC. you can find lots of articles online, search the web.


Driver quality.
After a long time, almost 100% due to the community, Realtek WiFi will be stable on Linux (I was a tester for the RTL8211AE, and I saw the results for both that chip, and others, during that time), but performance is degraded in comparison to other manufacturers, partially due to it having a larger CPU overhead.


Thanks, but I already have the monitor, I just need to buy a new mainboard for it (already have an external PSU, as this is a Samsung monitor which makes use of one), which I already have a reliable source (I had already bought a few monitor mainboards from them) for on AliExpress.

Plus, my monitor does not have integrated speakers (it does have a 3.5mm jack for external ones).


Since this has digressed from opinions on "favorite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device", perhaps a separate thread would be more appropriate for continued discussions of this situation related to, as I understand it, a specific user and their use of a specific Raspberry Pi.


Correction: It is stable on MT7620A. Was different in past, though. And regarding CPU-overhead: You should take the price of the SoC into account, and CPU-speed, when comparing to other manufacturers.
Sharing some real world experience from hundreds of devices in production. Mostly ZBTs, but also from other manufacturers.


I was talking about the state of Realtek WiFi in general.
It is also stable on the RTL8821AE right now.
By the way, the MT7620A does not utilize Realtek WiFi, it utilizes Mediatek/Ralink WiFi, which while not on par with Intel or Qualcomm (or Broadcom), is way better than Realtek, and I would certainly recommend it at these prices (most of the Xiaomi routers utilize as well).


I dumped my orange pi R1, after it kept dropping the LAN port after a few hours of operation. The opz made it through the winter without heat issues, but not as a router. Armbian mentions heat issues too.