Devices with 4.19 support

Anything supports 4.19?
Originally I've asked the question within "What’s your favourite cheap LEDE/OpenWrt device?" topic. The question was moved here by moderators, and while being moved lost cheap part.
Anything running 4.19 can compete on features/price with $36 Xiaomi Mi Router 3G I am using right now?

$ find target/linux/ -name config-4\\.19

I mean devices, not chips :slight_smile:
tried to do my research, but got exhausted after 20 minutes and didn't find much

Kernel support is always (sub-)target wide, covering all devices of the given (sub-)target - obviously that doesn't imply that it would be bug free for all devices,

So anyone running particular device on 4.19 and happy about it? :slight_smile:

I've been running 4.19 on a wndr3800, ath79 for over a month without any issue ,slightly better performance over 4.14


Here is a list of possible devices:

D-Link DIR-885L
Netgear R7900
Netgear R8000
Asus RT-N16
AVM FRITZ!Box 4040
GL.iNet GL-B1300
Asus RT-AC58U

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There was a networking stack update that should be responsible for most of that.

There's massive potential in speeding up ag71xx.

Orange Pi Zero H2+ here on 4.19. Working well.


Most (all?) of these are pretty expensive. Orange Pi doesn't have gigabit ports.
I've updated the question to mention $36 Xiaomi Mi Router 3G I'm looking replacement for

I really don't understand your problem here.

Kernel 4.19 support for the various targets is just a matter of time, by the time the next OpenWrt release after 19.01.x comes around, all targets will (have to) switch to kernel 4.19 (or they'd be dropped); while the upcoming 19.01.x will stick to 4.14 (and master will remain defaulting to kernel 4.14 until at least the branch-off as well, so there is no particular urgency yet). Obviously the device list quoted by mbo2o is not exhaustive and as mentioned before, kernel support is the same for all devices of a given (sub-)target. At the same time the list of (sub-)targets with support for kernel 4.19 might change any time as well (with some open kernel-4.19 PRs in flight), making a list of devices with kernel 4.19 support rather moot (and quickly outdated).

If you're impatient, your chances are either to find a device covered by the previously mentioned (sub-)targets - or to test your luck on providing a forward port for your preferred (sub-)target/ device yourself (or just to wait for someone else to do just that).


I also think your chances of finding a “cheap” device on 4.19 already is pretty slim. I only know one manufacturer of modestly priced devices that actively contributes to OpenWrt and strives to keep their fork of OpenWrt current. Contributions Iike that facilitate the huge changes required in moving to a DTS-based target, as well as kernel upgrades.

(My apologies to other manufacturers whose contributions I am not aware of. )

Yeah, I'm waiting for ramips to get an update, but thought it's worth to ask if there is a better alternative.
Some people buy old used (cheap) goole pixel for like $150 instead of latest let's say Samsung for like $800 just to get new android faster, and still have a great experience. Isn't there something like that for OpenWrt?

I am not sure if someone would like to sell their used Netgear R7800 to you for cheap price (just for quote sake). You should find your device as you like, what you want it to include, etc. Then see if you can find support for it in OpenWrt. Better would be to use the current supported list of OpenWrt and find your next router from there. I'm pretty sure you can find a used device somewhere around you live or order it online.
After all if a device is fully supported now and has a good flash/ram it's probably safe to say it will be supported in future but not too distant one.

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