What should I be testing between R7800 and Wrt32x

Sorry to be late, but I don't recommend that you buy either of those two routers.

I recommend that you buy the Belkin RT3200 (normally costs 100 dollars), because it is the best all-on-one router of 2021 and it is a thousand times better than the Netgear R7800 or Linksys WRT32X, this Belkin router destroys both routers.

Advantages of Belkin RT3200 router:

  1. With SQM Cake = 370 to 411 Mb/s
  2. ARMv8
  3. The WLAN driver (mt76) is superior to both routers.
  4. Router AX (WiFi 6) supported by OpenWrt
  5. It's newer, cheaper and better than both routers.
  6. etc, etc and etc.


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