What should I be testing between R7800 and Wrt32x

OK so my boss agreed to pay for a router for my on the road wifi, after reading a plethora of posts on here it seemed to come down to Linksys 3200 (aka WRT32X) or Netgear R7800

I got the WRT32X working and it is definitely feels faster than old TPlink I was using, but I read on here that the WiFi drivers on R7800 are better than he WRT32X.

How does this work in realtime, is it just better config options or is the performance of the AC2600 of the Netgear better than the AC3200 of the Linksys?

Also which has the better N performance as sometimes N is all I will find in my travels.

So I got both routers now, it seems to be that on same configuration without tweaking the R7800 is able to get a better wifi signal acting as a AP repeating in client mode than the WRT32X

I also found the wrt32x dropped the line a lot even when configured not to, however, when it did get a similar signal the pages seemed to load faster, I am still testing, but wondered if this was also the experience of others.

Sorry to be late, but I don't recommend that you buy either of those two routers.

I recommend that you buy the Belkin RT3200 (normally costs 100 dollars), because it is the best all-on-one router of 2021 and it is a thousand times better than the Netgear R7800 or Linksys WRT32X, this Belkin router destroys both routers.

Advantages of Belkin RT3200 router:

  1. With SQM Cake = 370 to 411 Mb/s
  2. ARMv8
  3. The WLAN driver (mt76) is superior to both routers.
  4. Router AX (WiFi 6) supported by OpenWrt
  5. It's newer, cheaper and better than both routers.
  6. etc, etc and etc.


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The 3200acm generally works fine, but when pushed the ping goes really high and things are unresponsive. E.g. 10ms when wired in can be 1000ms with the 3200acm. You can literally feel the slow down.

After having both I'm certain you'll find the 7800 is better for WiFi.

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Even though the 7800 is fantastic, it isn't perfect even after all this time.

The router you recommend has potential, but right now in early 2021 it isn't supported in a stable release yet. It's very beta. I'd love to see a new thread, to not hijack this one, with graphs like How to write a meaningful mt76 lag bug? - #16 by dana44 to see how the radio actually performs under pressure. Even the wrt3200acm is fine most of the time, but this test shows how well it can hold up.

Just run flent rrul -p all_scaled -l 60 -H netperf.bufferbloat.net -o run1.png once for the 2.4GHz radio and once again when connected to the 5GHz radio


(deleted question about the Belkin: I‘ve seen another generic AX thread in the HW section and have relocated my question)

The Linksys WRT currently has no perspective for WPA3 support (driver code support from vendor missing and unlikely to come) and some IoT Wifi devices have issues.
Depends on how far you take if abroad and which region device version you have: Its hard coded Wifi region code makes it impossible to adapt to regions other than the region which is hard coded into the Wifi chip. I guess it works, but either will violate local regulations or will be TX-power-limited when falling back to world region mode.

Yet though w32x feels to have great Wifi distance coverage in the region where it is meant to be used.

The WRT also has the dual partition scheme: When you mess up one partition, don’t worry: simply turn it off/on 3x and it will boot flawlessly into the second independent firmware partition.


Well so far without any tuning the the 7800 wins hands down, now I will start over with the WRT32x just to make sure I am giving it a fair chance.