WAX202 $30 at US Staples

If you only need an AP, no routing, then just use the oem firmware in AP mode, or buy a real AP.

Oem has access to proprietary wireless drivers that can perform better.

A dedicated AP is an even better option in this environment, like a unifi or dedicated tplink box.

Let's go back to the top of this topic ... that's why I said that I'm considering buying the WAX202 :wink:

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The WAX202 is an interesting consumer device, but not a 'real' dedicated AP device - like a unifi, meraki etc etc

netgear is strange, also this is a business model so it can be they made a variant just for the cover color....

I have just purchased 2 of the "B" models and both are white. Whatever the model variation is, its not in color. However, the standard 22.03 images install fine, so the hardware appears to be similar enough.

Oem has access to proprietary wireless drivers that can perform better.

I tested with standard OEM firmware in AP mode to AC clients before installing OpenWRT. No meaningful performance difference over OpenWRT. There is a thread about problems with AX clients, but I have not tested with AX.

Let's go back to the top of this topic ... that's why I said that I'm considering buying the WAX202

I can't claim a lot of usage yet, but the WAX202 at $30 appears to be a great deal. I'm swapping it in for (prior forum favorite) Archer C7s as "dumb" APs for N and AC clients (routing is on OpenWRT x86). Despite the apparent downgrade to 2x2 compared to the Archers, real world performance is better with the WAX202, even when using 3x3 clients (Intel Macbook). I'm getting 550-600+ when close to the base station. AIUI that's in the range of what's considered real-world best-case AC performance.

The AX limitations (no 160, etc.) may make this insufficient one I have more AX clients in a couple of years, but to get two APs upgraded at that price made it compelling.

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Anyone have a link to a thread on how to created tagged ports/VLANs with this (or similar -"DSA" I guess?) device (someone asked Here also - but no one responded to the subsequent thread)?

I was able to remove a LAN port so I can begin testing/setup...but then realized I donno what steps are needed on a device that doesn't have a Switch config page - lol.

I grabbed 2 of these, I'm getting ~910 Mbps up/910 Mbps down LAN-to-WAN running OpenWrt 22.03.0 - with offloading enabled.

The canonical information about DSA would be:

It's a tad overwhelming and confusing at first, but it's correct.

ipq806x: add dsa support #4036 might provide some side-by-side comparisons.

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@lleachii Did you see the script I shared?

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I'll make another thread - none of that information was useful.

E.g. the some sections are struck-through and some sections say " This item needs careful vetting…" Another section appears to create tags; but doesn't show a corresponding network config for the respective VLAN.

I have no clue what that means. Then, I'm confused why multiple networks/VLANs say "br-lan". Lastly, there's no information regarding this script in the Wiki. I'll research more.


(Use case: one port connects to a VM Hypervisor on via tagging. One port will be e.g. untagged VLAN 1, another untagged VLAN 2 and the third port will tag both VLANs 1 and 2.)

That aspect is indeed a bit confusing (and imho 'wrong'), that's why my example (#4036) calls the bridge used for bridge-vlan-filtering "switch" instead. That example shows you also tagged and untagged VLANs on different ports (and in comparison to a very similar swconfig on the same device).

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Since when is the wiki the only source of knowledge in our community? :thinking:

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I'll report on the power savings soon (theoretically, it's >= 100% for me). I replaced a full-sized x86-64 and WD N750 as dumb AP/managed switch (but lost 1 port and may need to use it from time to time). The WAX202 now runs on solar/battery for indefinite power. The x86-64 ran ~45 W/hr. - so it would not be viable for solar and was on mains power.

No WiFi:
0.6 A x 13.5 V = 8.1 W

Lights off: ~6.75 W

EDIT: I noticed I don't see channel 161 on 5.4 GHz WiFi. Odd, I see it.


You can grab the Mercusys MR70X instead, same hw as the 202.

Can be flashed with the DIR-853 R1 image, add the radio kmod afterwards.


It's less than 40€, in parts of EU.



Is there a mesh solution for these that gives them seamless roaming capability a la Eero, Orbi, etc.? THAT would make a very compelling case.

Software available on OpenWrt would be available once you change the firmware.

Yes, I get that. laughs I haven't done wireless on WRT since the 54g days, because in general dedicated devices do it better (largely thanks to closed-source drivers).

I know Asus tried the grow-your-own-mesh thing with their proprietary firmware with mixed results, so I was more just casting a wide net to see if there was a reasonably straightforward software mesh capability available in OpenWRT these days.

Various kinds, generally see:


Appreciated. That got me here:

which is what I was actually looking for (but poorly described LOL), in case it helps anyone else in the future.

Unfortunately, I'm not sure the WAX202 is going to be able to handle my backhaul needs in addition to client communication at the level I'm looking for...but that price point certainly is compelling.

Thanks again!

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there are now at least 5 different threads about deals of the same Wax 202 device,
Might be the time to think of reusing one and the same thread for upcoming deals.

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