DSA router - how to manage switch ports

Continuing the discussion from WAX202 $30 at US Staples:

@slh - thanks, I just replaced a full-sized x68-64 machine with this device!

One odd thing if you wish to tag WAN (e.g. to see broadcast packets, add to a switch in case of multiple Public IPs or something):

  • Convert wan to "br-lan.2" if it also needs to be tagged (wow...that really makes the naming bad)

There's also "port mirroring" unless I've mistaken?

Not much was analogous to what's in the wik (the Wiki doesn't show CLI UCI; but the Unapplied changes list does, so it helped)i. I appreciate the script, I had to follow the "variable maze" as I call it. I do appreciate the comments added to your script and that it uses UCI. That was very helpful.

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Use the name option? Like my script does :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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Tru...lemme read thru more. Thanks!

I try to K.I.S.S. so I can explain to a user via LuCI.

My feeling is much isn't exposed through LuCI yet, but you might have guessed I did not really try :slightly_smiling_face:.

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