WAX202 $30 at US Staples

(Staples use geo blocking on their site, if you get a access denied page, they belive you're trying to access it from outside US)

It's written WAX202B. What does the B mean ? A newer version ?

There's a thread in here somewhere, about the char(s) after the model name, I think it was just differences in packaging.

Ok I'll try to find. I had so many bad suprises in the past, buying the same model ... that appears not to be the same model than the previous.
I'm asking because I'm considering buying this model.
Thank you.


Yes, here: Netgear WAX202 WiFi 6 $30 at Amazon - #71 by ghoffman

The one I was looking for, but was unable to find.


In Europe, the price ranges from 50€ to 105€ ... on various amazon sites.

I got one for 43.

The b is probably for the black variant

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Lucky you. I remember seeing one for 30 or 35€ by the time of the other thread. When I said "I'm considering buying", I mean for a relative, in replacement of a much slower AP. I'm waiting for him to decide.

They create a variant just for the color of package ? :woozy_face:

Question : what is the wifi link in ax mode ? I can read that 160MHz width if not (yet ?) managed. I have no previous experience in ax wifi.

I got it from amazon wherehouse since it was the only one sold and shipped by amazon. Wasn't available new, but i don't care... it's a router can't be considered ""used""

netgear is strange, also this is a business model so it can be they made a variant just for the cover color....

this thing can do only 80mhz from what I'm seeing by the use.

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If you're considering the AX1800, I'd buy a used AC2600 device instead.

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It depends on the use case. With many 802.11ac clients, the AC2600 will probably be better (unleashing Mu-MIMO and beamforming), with few(er) ax clients (and let's face it, most clients will be 2x2 anyways), AX1800 might be faster. …tough call.


@frollic @slh
Understood about each of your arguments.

Here is the case:

  • main router WAN is a 30 Mbit/s VDSL.
  • AP is a recycled old router with 300Mbit/s N wifi, so it can presently handle the WAN speed. It is linked by 20m RJ45 wire to the main router.
  • client is a laptop with intel AX200 wifi card (so 2x2).

The user is about to switch to a Gbit/s fiber, so a much powerfull AP will be appreciate.

One of the only devices capable of routing 1gbit, and having decent wifi, in the same box, would probably be the RT3200/E8450.
Then there are the Xiaomis, but I don't know how cheap they are, compared to the rt3200.

Anything else would require a separation of routing and wifi, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, unless all your clients are wireless.

That is not the case. He already has a good router, some wired clients, some AC wifi clients (pad, phones).
What he requires is only an AP with a better wifi.

So you're going to also use the new ISP box as the main router? That limits what you can do considerably compared to running OpenWrt at the edge of your network.

== gigabit capable?
Not only by port speed, but also by routing performance.

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The ISP will be the same. The box is Gbit/s and fiber capable, and is already set in bridge mode.

Yes, it's a tiny x64 computer with 4 ports and a wifi card.