Upgrade Broke Luci

Welp...upgraded luci and luci-ssl via opkg today to their newest versions. Got this when I tried to log into luci’s web interface.

/usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:230: /etc/config/luci seems to be corrupt, unable to find section 'main'
stack traceback:
	[C]: in function 'assert'
	/usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:230: in function 'dispatch'
	/usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:127: in function </usr/lib/lua/luci/dispatcher.lua:126>

Don’t know if it’s something I did or if there is an issue with the package.

I don’t have any special crazy configs or anything. Not sure what happened.

mv -f /etc/config/luci /etc/config/luci.bak
cp -f /rom/etc/config/luci /etc/config/luci
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So the /rom folder has copies of everything? I never knew! Thanks!!! Great to know! :grinning:

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