Unknown type name 'uint'

Whilst trying to build w_scan, I've managed to download it and run ./configure, but I get stuck running make with:-

In file included from scan.c:60:0:
version.h:4:1: error: unknown type name 'uint'
 uint version=20170107;
make[1]: *** [Makefile:422: scan.o] Error 1

Looks like I need to install some headers... anyone know which?

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Is that better?

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Basic rule is "one thread per topic", responding on the apparent task at hand on

also Grep that handles long lines

I would manually change uint to unsigned int. It is only used in:


Maybe you could add some typedef in a global header of the project. It is weird it seems uint is nonstandard type.

Thanks for the suggestion but that only leads to the next problem...

descriptors.h:305:9: error: unknown type name 'time_t'

It may be included in time.h. But it seems there will be probably more problems with the program. The webpage says "w_scan is currently no longer being developed.". Maybe there are some replacements?

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w_scan is the only scanning type program I'm aware of that does not require an initial channel file:-


I did eventually manage to get it built on Arch Linux.