W_scan on OpenWrt

Has anyone successfully built and run w_scan on OpenWrt?


I'm trying to test a PCTV USB DVB-S2 adapter and am not getting much of a response on a RPi.

Your previous threads are now a bit clearer, as they now come together with focus.

The installed version of grep isn't meeting your needs

Undeclared type errors for pre-packaged code would lead someone with experience in building C code to very quickly recognize that the standard headers weren't installed or referenced properly (or that the code itself had portability problems, as pointed out by @pc2005).

Basically, OpenWrt is an OS designed and optimized for routing and related functions on resource-limited devices.

Even on a Raspberry Pi where compute power and RAM are somewhat higher than a typical all-in-one router, you should be building packages on a "desktop" using the build chain, rather than trying to build them on the device itself. Getting a complete build chain on an OpenWrt device itself is a near impossibility, especially for the complexity of source and source configuration used by many GNU-style sources.

Can I be sure that if it builds on, say Arch Linux, then it will run on OpenWrt?

Also there is the additional problem of installing the pkg/application.

make install

will do that. What should I do on OpenWrt?

Regarding the linked threads... although they are linked in this instance, they are separate problems which are not necessary linked, and if they are separate threads they would be more easily found by Google. That's why I started them independently.

If you cross compile on another supported OS using the OpenWrt build chain, then yes, it should run.

If you build on another OS, most likely it won't run, even if the same architecture.

Understanding the difference between the two is very important. I'd get a good understanding of that first, then start with, for example


By failing to place them all on the same thread, you leave out important context and history about your problems. Google makes a business of finding content -- placing them into separate threads doesn't significantly add to the quality of search results and significantly detracts from the value of the content here (compounded with the very generic titles given).

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