Unifi V2 signed firmware


I'm opening this discussion regards the unifi's firmwares for uap-v2 and uap-lr-v2.
Ubiquiti has signed their firmware so the fwupdate.real rejects un-signed, furthermore:

  • The bootloader tftp recovery check the sign -> link
  • The uboot command erase unlook, mw, doens't work. (Flash is like locked)
  • UniFi firmware does not have the mtd binary.


From hardware side the device support itn't tricky but I don't have any way to write this flash.

..any advice is welcome

What firmware is oldest one for V2?
Since they removed mtd from newer firmware I usually just downgrade to older version that has it.
There should be old enough version for v2 that has mtd

See also:

I'll test next week the most oldest firmware avaeble on ubnt dl.

The oldest firmware avable on ubnt dl is:
UniFi firmware 3.7.29 for UAP-v2, UAP-LR-v2 Firmware 2016-12-12

i've recently came up with an idea how to flash locked/signed firmware on litebeam ac gen2. basically you start flashing same ubiquiti fw that is already on device and interrupt the process, that leaves mtd partitions unlocked and you can flash another image to these using dd. more info in this GH comment-> https://github.com/openwrt/openwrt/pull/689#issuecomment-493658317

let us know if it works on unifi uaps