TP-Link AX10 support OpenWrt

ax23 same device as ax10 and ax53
this is a good router for openwrt will it get a support for openwrt???

If it's the same device, they'll "never" be supported, the AX10 is Broadcom based.

But they're not, Add support for TP-LINK AX23 V1

The AX53 is probably Broadcom too.

if you want AX, here's a list of the supported devices


why broadcom is not supported ??
is there any reason like as that device was cheap and ax support is there..
as in my opinion a consumer router should be 100-120$ if it costs more it better to go with pfsense netgate or other aliexpress routers. so i was asking as i will buy another one. looking for ax devices.

Their hw (mainly the radios) isn't supported by the Linux kernel.
Why you ask ? Because they haven't bothered adding it.

There are other, cheaper devices, like the Mercusys MR70X or Cudy x6/AX1800.

A x86 firewall (gigabit capable, non wifi) can be as cheap as $20, but you need to
live someplace where they're actually sold on eBay.

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i was thinking the same but in linux distros this can be installed that is why i asked. otherwise i know broadcom have a bad history supporting linux and bsd drivers

and thanks for the list ax devices but all of them almost are not sold in my country my badluck

Arch might have an NDA too.

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They don't, but Broadcom does publish a proprietary shim driver for x86_64 without any AP features (STA-only), meant primarily for notebooks. Won't help at all for OpenWrt (AP mode needed and != x86_64).


They do not, like @slh explained they merely repackage the client driver. That's useless for router/AP usage.

thanks guys now i am looking for xiaomi ax6s but only available in china if i can get that delivered it will be awesome

you said support can't be provided see this

You need to read what I wrote, and actually understand it.

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I just read the headings ramips: add support for TP-Link Archer AX23 v1

Why is there anything wrong

They are different devices. AX23 is Mediatek, not Broadcom.

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Ax 23≠ax10
And what about ax53 ?

That was established 9 days ago.

According to fccid, it's not Mediatek nor Qualcomm.

How about you just use the list of supported AX devices ?


GPL is available on tplinks GPL center btw

and looking in the gpl it seems to be building openwrt????? or am i just stupid?
edit: more precisely it builds OpenWRT Attitude Adjustment:

You really need to read the whole thread.

Yes, it's Openwrt based.

i have read the thread? if you are referring to "ax1500" that is just the eu name for the ax10...

1st reply says it's Broadcom based, and will never be supported by Openwrt.

Assuming it's correct, what else do you need to know ?