TP-Link AX10 support OpenWrt

i must be missing something here but if the gpl sources are available and the toolchain somehow magically downloads dtbs and drivers from bcm, why would there be an issue with porting latest openwrt to it?

If you would have read the older posts, you wouldn't have asked.

If you have time to burn, knock yourself out.

you dont need to be rude? i have read the older posts, but maybe you are sitting on some information that i dont have? the toolchain and makefiles are all included in the archive

A the older posts say, BCM radios aren't supported by Linux, meaning the end, support wise, from Openwrt.

The tar you got will include some old kernel (v4?) with "wifi support", but w/o the binary blobs required to get the radios up and running.
Those blobs aren't FOSS.

So yes, it might compile and install, but wifi's not going to work.

This applies to "all" BCM based hw.

could the blobs not be extracted from a compiled fw?

Probably, but they can't be published, since they're BCMs IP.

And you'll still be stuck with that ancient kernel from the tar.

If you want your own personal, non public, release of BCM-Openwrt, it might be a fun project..

You could do that. What you cannot do is use those blobs with a current OpenWrt release and kernel.

Note the date in your screenshot: that's code from 2016. So a kernel that is at least 8 years old, probably more since those drivers never run on the latest kernel anyway.

If it's as simple as you thought it was, it would already have been done.


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