Add support for TP-LINK AX23 V1

I have a brand new TP-Link AX23 Gigabit dual-band WiFi 6 router.
Some main features:

  • 802.11 b, g, n, ax.
  • 802.11 a, n, ac, ax.
  • Dual-core CPU.
  • 16 MiB flash (based on the size of OEM firmware)
  • four external antennas (2×5 Ghz and 2× 2.4 GHz)
  • Gigabit WAN (1×), and LAN (4x) ports.

US and EU versions, I have 1.00 EU. There is also a 1.20 version, but tha same FW.

Sadly, I do not have serial equipment for more info on hardware, or debugging. :frowning: What i can help with is testing if we have a working snapshot.

What is the possibility of getting this supported?

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You might have gotten lucky, this looks like a supportable platform from what I can find:
MediaTek MT7621DAN + MT7905DAN + MT7975DN (2x 2x2).

Without serial or some other way to find out the exact internals, flash layout etc. you won't see support though.

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your findings seem correct -

serial console's in the middle, between the two shielded chips.


You are so fast ! I'm examining the same document for the same info. :slight_smile:

Analysis of OEM firmware (AX23v1.0_eu_jp_kr_ru-up-ver1-0-5-P1[20220216-rel59311]_2022-02-16_17.20.49.bin)

Beginning of FW file:

fwup-ptn os-image base 0x01000 size 0x30ab55	
fwup-ptn file-system base 0x30bb55 size 0x99a001	
fwup-ptn default-config base 0xca5b56 size 0x033a9	
fwup-ptn ap-def-config base 0xca8eff size 0x02d49	
fwup-ptn partition-table base 0x00800 size 0x00800	
fwup-ptn soft-version base 0xcabc48 size 0x0005a	
fwup-ptn support-list base 0xcabca2 size 0x001d4	
fwup-ptn profile base 0xcabe76 size 0x00d09	
fwup-ptn extra-para base 0xcacb7f size 0x0000b	


partition fs-uboot base 0x00000 size 0x40000
partition os-image base 0x40000 size 0x400000
partition file-system base 0x440000 size 0xb60000
partition default-mac base 0xfa0000 size 0x00200
partition pin base 0xfa0200 size 0x00100
partition device-id base 0xfa0300 size 0x00100
partition product-info base 0xfa0400 size 0x0fc00
partition default-config base 0xfb0000 size 0x08000
partition ap-def-config base 0xfb8000 size 0x08000
partition user-config base 0xfc0000 size 0x0a000
partition ag-config base 0xfca000 size 0x04000
partition certificate base 0xfce000 size 0x02000
partition ap-config base 0xfd0000 size 0x06000
partition router-config base 0xfd6000 size 0x06000
partition favicon base 0xfdc000 size 0x02000
partition logo base 0xfde000 size 0x02000
partition partition-table base 0xfe0000 size 0x00800
partition soft-version base 0xfe0800 size 0x00100
partition support-list base 0xfe0900 size 0x00200
partition profile base 0xfe0b00 size 0x03000
partition extra-para base 0xfe3b00 size 0x00100
partition radio base 0xff0000 size 0x10000

Rest of the file is binary.

Further analysis after extraction with 7zip


DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION="OpenWrt Attitude Adjustment 12.09-rc1"

What should i look for more info in the FW file?

on 4pda you will find that MR70X is able to run firmware from AX23 so they should be similar. And the pull for MR70X (MR1800X) is here . At least flash layout should be the same . You might start there.


Just to be clear. I am NOT a developer, so I can not port openWRT to this device. I am just a user who has one, and can help with testing. So don't wait for me with development! :slight_smile:

Ah, so seems AX23 is "Next-Gen Platform – The Next-Gen High-Efficiency Qualcomm Chipset provides fast and stable Wi-Fi while saving more power consumption." as advertised, so there's the possibility of having sooner or later built for this TP-Link AX1800 AX23 thingie?

(as opposed to the dead end of Broadcom BCM6755 in AX20)

This thread clearly states its a Mediatek chipset, where did Qualcomm come from?

from their tp-link official intro

Archer AX23 Key Features:
Next-Gen Platform – The Next-Gen High-Efficiency Qualcomm Chipset provides fast and stable Wi-Fi while saving more power consumption.△

as in:

yet then, after press-release over the internet, they suppressed the word about Qualcomm and just "chipset" everywhere:

Then there might be a v2, or it's just clue less marketing, wouldn't be the 1st time.

If you want to be sure, open your unit.

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clue less marketing

probably this is it.

Then, it's not Qualcomm but Mediatek, because seeing chip is more proof than telling in an advertisement post even by company :man_shrugging:

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As far as I know, there is only V1.00 and V1.20, but no V2. No indication of other HW versions on TP-Link website. Topic title updated for V1.

come on, look here! some detail about AX23

thank for reposting what was posted mid '22 already.

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How does that change what I wrote? FCC pictures are no straight path to support. If only it was that easy.

Like I said above MR70X can be base to support AX23 . PR #12104 add support for Mercusys MR70X)
here are tplink safeloader ID's i found in ax23 OEM firmware

"{product_name:Archer AX23,product_ver:1.20,special_id:45550000}\n"
"{product_name:Archer AX1800,product_ver:1.20,special_id:45550000}\n"
"{product_name:Archer AX23,product_ver:1.0,special_id:4A500000}\n"
"{product_name:Archer AX23,product_ver:1.20,special_id:4A500000}\n"
"{product_name:Archer AX23,product_ver:1.0,special_id:4B520000}\n"
"{product_name:Archer AX23,product_ver:1.20,special_id:4B520000}\n"
"{product_name:Archer AX23,product_ver:1.0,special_id:52550000}\n"
"{product_name:Archer AX1800,product_ver:1.20,special_id:52550000}\n"
"{product_name:Archer AX23,product_ver:1.20,special_id:52550000}\n"

why would you add the safeloader request to the MR70X PR ?
that's not even close to being on topic ...

Since support has been added for the v1 - do we have any info on the differences to the v1.20 and whether those would prevent usage as of now/warrant adding of support seperately?

in the case of tp-link, minor rev changes usually still use the same hw, and fw.

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