TP-Link Archer C6 v2 traffic through is slow

If I connect the host to the router of the provider (vodafone) the tests of speed give me of the order of 624 mb7s

If I put the router (vodafone) in brigde mode and connect this to the wan port of the tp-link the speed drops to 300 mb/s.

I have installed the firmware according to this post:

And then I configured the tp-link to have access to the internet and I installed luci

opkg update
opkg install luci

I just did this. Where's my mistake? Why through openwrt does the download speed drop by half?

I'm doing something wrong. You can tell me I'm doing something wrong.

What do I have to configure?

Thank you very much

fwiw, it is often normal for routed performance using OpenWrt to be lower than stock firmware because there is often no support for hardware acceleration.

Have you tried enabling Software Flow Offloading in the LuCI -> Network -> Firewall menu if available ?

The C6v2 uses a QCA9563 MIPS SoC.

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Have you tried enabling Software Flow Offloading in the LuCI -> Network -> Firewall menu if available ?

If it's available, I've activated it.

But the bandwidth is still half.

Isn't there anything else to do?

Do you know of a router of this price that is not affected by this limitation of hardware???? it has cost me 40€ in

I have no problem to return it and take another one.

Anyway, it's too much to ask you, but if you looked at one in I would be eternally grateful.

I'm a rookie and I can't spend much. I don't have enough criteria to evaluate which router I need. I want openwrt in a rotuer that accepts 600 mb/s drop and 600 mb/s rise.

I guess this has to do with the router's processor, but which one. I have seen routers for 150 - 200 € Uffff too much for me

Thank you very much


it would be difficult to find any decent router for 40€.

Linksys ea6350v3 £34 from Amazon UK. Ship to Spain for extra £7 ?

Read the posts starting from:

Ideally require another ea6350v3 owner to verify my iperf3 test results because I am surprised the OpenWrt WAN to LAN throughput is so high. See the comment about an earlier post where only 180Mbps was seen using OpenWrt with SQM enabled - this lower 180Mbps figure seems more realistic imho.

There are issues with ipq40** SoC. eg. VLAN support etc.

Otherwise, you do need to spend a LOT more money on a better supported faster router. Someone else is best to advise in 100+ € category.