TL-WR840N V5 Can't Access the Router

Hello, i have just flashed my TL-WR840N V5 and already can access the internet, but somehow i just clicking update with Stock Firmware, and i finally brick it. can't access to internet and i try to search everything possible and found This try to installed via TFTP and worked, but i still can't access telnet or internet.
ipconfig says IP 192.168.1.x and Gateway try to use telnet cmd can't Connecting To not open connection to the host, on port 23: Connect failed. any other ways to bring back my router without soldering ?

At least from what I saw at that link, you flashed a boot loader as well. If it isn’t working for TFTP and isn’t responding to ssh (telnet hasn’t been used by OpenWrt for years), it’s likely ewaste.

Even if it comes alive, it isn’t long for this world with only 4 MB of flash. Any replacement should have at least 16 MB of flash and at least 128 MB of RAM.

ofcourse if you set static ip"s in pc/router that will not help?

But if DHCP server is working then wouldn't that mean the router goes beyond booting?

Is that dynamic or you manually set that up?

If it's dynamic, can you ping What do you get if you try to access it form the browser?

Not clear if the OP has anything running after the flash. Not clear if the "desktop" has a static address on the subnet, which it would likely need if the router was not running DHCP. (I assumed that the OP had set up a static address in my earlier post.)

In my experience, a static IP address is the most robust way to "talk" with a newly flashed router or a router in TFTP (bootloader) or failsafe mode.

I already Fixed it...
Just flash File from @schara on he's thread, and then flash openwrt+luci via SSH ( Somehow i can access it just connect Lan cable from router to pc ). and now i running factory firmware.

Just in case i can OOT a bit,
can i just use openwrt as default router like factory firmware do ? if can how ? im new in openwrt. just want to look some new on my router. and also if i have 2 same devices can i make a openvpn server ?

What do you mean by default router?

Just like market router i mean. dont know how to describe it. because on my ISP only can use router if you clone mac address the ethernet modem, and the ip itself dynamic not static. i didnt dig more on openwrt but yesterday i was unable to get internet access in my lan. but can over wifi.

your isp is "tied" your router by MAC in own internal system and by that giving internet via dhcp? :slight_smile: maybe you need do some magic with MAC in WAN section?

Yeah, because the IP from WAN Connection always changing after some time.
Because i only use 1 router, basicly the graph like this WAN > Router. Router > LAN. as i know so far almost All user use openwrt to WDS, or repeater or range extender right. CMIIW

look here fix

Wrong. WDS/Repeater/Range Extender are only different ways to implement increasing the range of the WiFi. OpenWrt is a firmware for full-functionality routing, and increasing the WiFi range is only a part of what it does.

Anyway, for you to use the router in your network, that depends on how you get internet in the first place. If you get it on RJ11 (phone socket) or similar (commonly used with ADSL), then you will have to keep your ISP router in place and connect it to your OPenWrt router. there are different ways to configure it:
1- ISP LAN (with current configuration) <---> OpenWrt WAN (set as DHCP client)
2- ISP LAN (in bridge mode) <---> OpenWrt WAN (set as PPPoE)
3- ISP LAN <---> OpenWrt LAN (here the OpenWrt router works as switch only
The following link shows more details

If on the other hand you have internet coming directly on Ethernet cable ending with RJ45, then you would completely remove the ISP router and connect OpenWrt router directly.

I didn't understand what you were saying about IP. Are you talking about WAN-side IP or local IP? Also it would help if you give more details about your ISP router and what kind of internet connection do you have

What i mean is as Market Router like :
ISP Modem > Router WAN then Router WAN > PC Lan
and about IP what i say is my ISP lock the Connection from MAC Address, so if i'm use ISP > Router > PC i must clone the mac address of my ISP Modem to get internet access.
hopefully you understand what i write.. :smiley:

You mean ISP Modem > Router WAN then Router LAN to PL LAN. Yes, you can! These are options 1 and 2 in my message.

Cloning the MAC address is possible. Check

Yeah i already Try it, but on LAN still no Connection.
I still no idea why...
Take a look at this pict

On WAN Ethernet Port i must add Mac ISP to get internet access. then LAN Port will Connect into my PC
FYI i just using 2 Devices.
1 my ISP Modem ( No Wifi Included )
2. My TP Link as Router.

This interface seems to be from TP-Link stock firmware? Or is that an old version of OpenWrt?

Does the TP-link router have internet connection or not?
The MAC address you cloned to the WAN port is the MAC address of the PC, right? Did you change the MAC address of your PC to something else?

  • This interface seems to be from TP-Link stock firmware? Or is that an old version of OpenWrt?

Yes it's from TP-Link Stock firmware.

  • Does the TP-link router have internet connection or not?

If i'm using Stock Firmware, connection avaiable.
but when i change it to openwrt, No Internet access.

  • The MAC address you cloned to the WAN port is the MAC address of the PC, right? Did you change the MAC address of your PC to something else?

The MAC Address im cloned to the wan port is from ISP Modem. already try to Override MAC Address into WAN Interface, still can't get connection.

@jeff He was saying that he wants to achieve the same in OpenWrt

Finally i can connect to internet with openwrt. After some factory reset and other things do. A simple question why after do reboot on luci i lost my current configuration ? And I have other question about wifi. But maybe i will create with another new thread or maybe just here ?